30 Jun

 The jolliest journey, always, is the road back and forth from the Capitol to Mount Vernon.Trees, green, pastoral… always, ending up in a loop around the round-about in front of George Washington’s home. There is never a need to drive fast. There is always the tendency to drive slow, after all, one is transversing history. And dont you forget that. Once upon a century, this journey made in minutes, maybe thirty of them by car, was a journey people walked or rode by horse even carriage. Today, one passes tour buses, bikers, walkers, runners, a tempting marina to pull over at. However one is getting where they are going to, they are walking on hallowed ground in historic footsteps.

 Mount Vernon has become a tour place- a must see- on a trip to DC moreso on the 4th of July.

Independence day in the 1700’s was a day of politicking, decorated with the red, white and blue of parades and picnics, politicians culminating in displays of fireworks exploding o’er the nation’s skies.

George Washington spent his last July 4th in his favorite pub in Alexandria. The Spring Gardens Tavern was enroute back to Mount Vernon from Washington DC. George and his friends supped, sang, tossing back their drinks while watching the militia parade by.

History has a way of moving forward and backwards. George Washington and history passed forward. The red brick tavern built in and around the 1780’s became a ½ acre technologically updated 4,296 sq feet historic Old Town wooden floored green shuttered 4 bedroom private home on the market, complete with woodwork, cabinets and molding, guest room, game rooms with the original brick walls, exposed beams in the kitchen, pond, flagstone paths, pool and pond priced at a paltry $4.2 million.

 That is the value of the 4th on 2013’s July….

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