TAPS When The Bugler Sounds:

29 Jun

We all know the term or should have. It is the last call, the sound of the end of the day. It is the call of the bugle. It is the call of the wild, the heart and the soul of America. It is TAPS Tragedy Assistance Program For Survivors… helping support the loved ones of those who served and died. And there they were at the Nationals Baseball Game Salute To the Military.

Many walked by. Money went to beers. Franks. Popcorn. Peanuts. The blonde haired woman smiled and greeted game goers. But…. Many walked by. Yes, the crown stood and saluted their corps. But here were the dollar counts, a drive away from Arlington Cemetery, many walked by.

TAPS is a way to give back and say THANK YOU FOR SERVING OUR COUNTRY.

TAPS supports survivors with a network of PEER M ENTORS. They get it. They’ve been there. They have lost a loved one in the Armed Forces. They reach out to others living their loss, needing a hug, a guiding hand.

TAPS grief and trauma information line runs 24/7, 7 days a week.
800-959.TAPSS (8277), hosting chat rooms, message boards, peer group disussions sites http://www.taps.org and providing Survivor Seminars for adults as well as Good Grief camps where Young Survivors heal together, connecting them to their local community resources grief and trauma information and resources.

TAPS quarterly magazine, sent to survivors, commanders, chaplains, casualty staff and caregivers, addresses issues surviving families of military face.

TAPS is also a non profit a participant in the Combined Federal Campaign, No 1139 a Veterans Service Organization, a 501© (3). A military widow said I need to tell you all just how much I appreciate all that TAPS does for survivors. I attended my first TAPS event I saw so m any amazing things that are so overwhelming. My support family has grown this weekend with some exceptionally talented people, some of them don’t even realize how truly important they really are TAPS helped me by just offering a hug, a smile, and honesty…. http://www.taps.org

So the next time you hear or see TAPS, take a moment and be thankful of all you have, all you have had and for how long you have have them in your lives. Moments come and go. The sound of TAPS is Americas call…. forever


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