28 Jun

The decision and suit was NOT just for gays, it was for the LGBT community which includes Transgender.

A year ago, Maryland sought the ability to change birth certificate of people born one sex then having surgical reassignment to another sex meaning a Boy would now be a Girl and vice versa. State Department has had the mechanisms in place to alter genders on birth certificates. Recently in the news are the adoptive parents suing for having NOT been advised of the gender assignment of their child they learned was ‘intermix’ . There was in recent news the story of parents who have been dressing their toddler as a girl sought rights for their son’s decision, they claimed, to use the bathroom of his sex selection of choice. Once upon a time, parents waited 9 months to find out if their blessed gift would be a boy or a girl. Has America moved to the point that parents will change child’s sexes at will?

In the case of Edward Snowden, he may have left Hawaii Edward but could end up returning to America to see his family as Edwina, aided by State….

“One must obtain a legal name change (original or certified copy) from the court of the county for which they reside, the original birth certificate, plus an original letter of SRS from the surgeon and forward such information to:

U.S. Dept of State
1111 19th Street N.W., Suite 510
Washington D.C. 20502-1705
(202) 955-0307

The State Department will then re-issue a new birth certificate (not amended) and the process takes approximately 6-8 weeks. As of 1999, the fee was $40, but one should call them to obtain the current fee for this process.”

The impact of this is enormous in terms of the fraud it perpetrates on people THINKING they are marrying a natural born female but in term marrying a male. The impact is also ENORMOUS on who someone is crossing Americas borders IN and on who America sends to other countries. We may be looking for males at border crossing when in fact we are looking at engineered females and vice versa. We have become the Nazis we condemned. HOW SHORTSIGHTED we are in listening to the loudest voices and not being wise enough to pay attention to the details being hid from us…. so sad for America


Birth Certificate Change for Transgender People http://www.tsroadmap.comLegal Issues‎  If you plan to do this, your name and sex should match your birth certificate. letter] from [SRS surgeon], M.D., confirming that he performed surgical sex change .

Equality Maryland | Gender Identity Discrimination

In Maryland transgender people are not currently protected under statewide …. You cannot change the sex on a birth certificate simply by providing proof that 

The T-MALE: Name and Sex Change on Birth Certificate

CHANGING NAME & SEX ON THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE. UNITED STATES, NEW ….. P.O. Box 68760, Baltimore, Md. 21215-0020 c/o. C/O Birth Section Chief.

The T-MALE: Name and Sex Change on Birth Certificate‎         CHANGING NAME & SEX ON THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE. UNITED STATES, NEW ….. P.O. Box 68760, Baltimore, Md. 21215-0020 c/o. C/O Birth Section Chief.

I would guess this facilitates the ability to defend against and challenge the Supreme Court decision
State By State:


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