27 Jun

We were strolling. Newly met. Meeted. Meat. Yes. Dinner was on the mind. Is that not that ONE question EVERYONE would ask a diplomat. Yes. Sooooo…. what do you think as a Diplomat working with State about what Ed Snowden did? I asked. She answered. Snowden? At State we dont think much about his stealing about a files it is BRADLEY MANNING that has put America at risk and individuals in harms way. So lets see…. PC or not PC…. Manning had a lover spat and Snowden had Julian Assange (as State it seems is believing) put him up to it…..

WITH ALL THAT CONGRESS IS FOCUSED ON…. the terrorist to fear I have always said is homegrown….. refocus on MANNING. ITS MANNING that STATE says has damaged AMERICA. Snowden? Well welcome to the world of the FLASH DRIVE

Speculating Ed Burns is coveting playing  Snowden in the movie of life imitating movie… Didnt Robin Williams live in an airport… oh yeah, he was a Russian living in an American airport…. dah! Nyet…. oy


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