25 Jun

Jay Carney stated at the 6/24/2013 press conference “….

     MR. CARNEY:  I would say that we are obviously in conversations and that we are working with them or discussing with them — or rather expecting them to look at the options available to them to expel Mr. Snowden back to the United States to face justice for the crimes with which he is charged.


     I would note that given our intensified cooperation with Russia after the Boston Marathon bombings and our history of working with Russia on law enforcement matters, including returning numerous high-level criminals back to Russia at the request of the Russian government, that we do expect the Russian government to look at all the options available to them to expel Mr. Snowden back to the United States…..


  1. Russian officials say FBI messed up big, Boston bombing preventable


    Jun 2, 2013 – Returning from a congressional delegation visit with Russian security officials in Moscow, Mass. Democrat Rep. William Keating, said the 

  2. Sen. Schumer: FBI “may have messed up” on Boston bombing


    Apr 29, 2013 – WASHINGTON — Some US lawmakers are wondering why the Boston Marathon bombing suspects weren’t questioned more closely for their 

  3. Boston bombing: Lawmakers question FBI handling of Tamerlan


    Apr 21, 2013 – Lawmakers Criticize FBI for Failing To Keep a Closer Eye on Boston Suspect have followed up with him after he traveled to Russia in 2012 for six Lindsey Graham was even more direct, saying the FBI messed up the 

  4. Schumer: FBI ‘May Have Messed Up‘ In Handling 2011 Tsarnaev


    Apr 28, 2013 – “They may have messed up, because Russia did call and say they have the twin bombings near the finish line of the Boston Marathon earlier 

  5. Boston bombers: FBI hunting 12-strong terrorist “sleeper cell” linked


    Agents think the sleeper cell has up to a dozen members and has been waiting …. from Russia on counter-terrorism, including in the wake of the Boston attack”. ….. rest of the chase caught up after they were messed up and released by FBI…


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