24 Jun

For a bit of time my HP cartridges bought in the multipack have been running out of ink faster than before. HP has got in to the Recycling mode. Staples Ink Department manager said customers have been coming in making the same complaint. Something must be going on he said. Ya think.

The recommendation was to buy the HP Ink in the XL size rather the bundled pack. Word is the XL ink is cheaper when one figures price to the quantity of ink it contains. So I did and have and began experiencing a new problem. The black XL inks are inserted into the carrier. No ink comes out.

 Being landlocked without car privileges changes dynamics. And strategies. I called HP, after all it was/is HP ink. FOUR techs later along with being rerouted to foreign countries I landed JD. FOGEDDABOUDIT when it comes to a tech you have to pay being pitched by HP. Here is what the problem is.

Look at the ink cartridge as if it is a whale. The ink cartridges have blow holes on top- T shaped ones to be exact. I saw that clearly on the red, the yellow, the blue BUT all four of my new HP Black XL’s just bought from Staples had the HP sticker covering the blowhole both with sticker and glue. I was guided to take an eye glass shammy that would not create fibres, dip it lightly into water, then wiping down the pinheads the ink cartridges align against.

Success and scholared in the fine art of hole blowing, so to speak, and the con of the corporation. You see before I got to JD in the Philippines, I had the funny guy who managed to convince me to let him take remote of my PC, displaying for me ALL THE VIRUSES he said enter a computer and make a printer not print. Really. Turns out there are no viruses except for the one somewhere in the world that I let in to my PC who said my firewalls were down and showed me a colorful display worthy of a DaVinci complete with him lassoing in red all the things he said that are why my computer couldnt print. While there is a sucker born every minute, how many can say, next time I see Christie, I will give her a WAZZUP for the virus scam and a hi-5 for JD.

THANK YOU JD… gotta love ya baby!!!


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