TO BE CONTINUED… The Saga of Copyright Abuse:

12 Jun

Joseph, thank you for your elbow. Appreciated. Yesterday and today I made sure EACH member of the Judiciary, House side, and select members of the Judiciary Senate side received a copy of my folio I dropped off to the Committee of the Majority and the Minority. Each folio contained a (not so cheap and out of my own pocket) memorable Angry Bird Flash Drive (with the drive up his backside- humor not to be lost). The flash drive contained my professional notations on Title 17. I do point out that Title 17, Copyright, is followed by Title 18, Criminal. I did not want THAT irony to be lost either. Right side contained my overview of Property Rights being the first Rights grab that went unnoticed   Sort like climbing in the cauldron and THEN having the fire lit so you dont feel how boiling it is until…..

The left side contained bullet points simplifying the Congressional ‘honeydo’ list towards adressing copyright.    Puns of course intended. I want people to listen. I hear where they are coming from. I want them hearing where we are coming from.

When I built my crime analysis lab, I made sure all stakeholders were brought on board. Knowing how the Hill works (run by staffers and interns who are grown up with Social Networking hence they see no wrong in this free internet. And OH, did I say they are young- living at home, with roomies, yada yada…. )  

So the Minority GC and the Majority GC (general counsel) each got my Angry Brid with a Flash Drive in its behind along with EACH AND EVERY MEMBER OF THE JUDICIARY and then a few. I wont tell you what is next until I do it. But, to round out knowing the House and Senate will input to this, I made sure key members of the Senate Judiciary got this too INCLUDING Senator Pat Leahy himself a published photographer whose son-in-law is one of my peers from covering the White House and Capitol Hill.

Driving the links? Check
Privacy event? Check
FCC Chief? Check
Satellite/ Cable/ Copyright? Check

So…. would love funding but for the moment I am putting people on notice we are the community Google and Microsoft etc have been… try this on… pimping out after grooming us before trafficking our images…. oh yeah, there is that word ORPHAN TOO….

NO NO NO to wikicommons or morgue. UNLESS YOU HAVE THAT ORIGINAL HAND SIGNED AUTHENTICATED RELEASE FROM THE PHOTOG, If I have my way and get copyright abuse in to an IPR Court? Better make sure you know someone who can bake you a cake because stealing/using something that is not yours is criminal. If you cant find the person to say PLEASE to and from who you will receive a THANK YOU? Run as fast and far as you can because you will get challenged EVEN THOUGH the search engines and ISPs are actively creating the ORPHAN WORKS of which you speak….

To Be Continued….

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