11 Jun

We have chosen to accept the definition of a terrorist to be one who sets off a bomb. We have chosen to accept thieves of IP as heroes. But when a thief of IP sets off an explosive chain of reaction that torpedoes our assumed sanctities, are we going to see that Labels are what are killing us as labels can be neatly packaged and tied with a bow. WHAT is SNOWDEN? As fast as headlines are being written, we dont know. Speculating- homegrown, placed, not an accident, part of a larger agenda that will emerge over time. All that FREE we got from the Search Engines and ISPS, we are learning was never really free at all…. n’est ce pas…. oh, and the girlfriend- lest we forget the lesson from Boston- its not that she didnt see, she chose not to see… and she will, see him again I expect

It has come out that months earlier AMNESTY failed in a lawsuit to get the exact data Snowden walked off with. As I wrote earlier, more will come out. And the ‘girlfriend’ preening for the media? Well, the Irish Garda taught me women defending men that are ‘bonded’ to become vicious. The Garda’s exact words were ‘take them out first.’ Is this young lady vicious? Nope. Part of his package, it may turn out…. not exactly gutted and broken up he booked it and left her behind…. do the data mining. USE that exact Intel on her and I am safe to guess there will be no surprises…
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