11 Jun

You see the thing about TEDX one never knows where it is going to be or who you are going to meet there. There is TED the original and then there is TED the borrow the brand name. All good. All in and all amazing.

South capitol TED brought together miracles, mothers and local food vendors. Don Ciccio & Figli served up Artisanal Spirits from the Amalfi Coast www.donciccioefigli.com Cuba Libre served up plantains and other chips off the WW, weight watchers, point trackers. With locations in Philadelphia, Atlantic City and Orlando, the restaurant and rum bar paired beautifully with the event attendees.

 The theme of the independently organized TED event hosted by Lauren DeSantis, host of the television show Capital Cooking, was Empower, sponsored by The Internet Association, Ledger Productions, Custom In, NJI Media, Cuba Libre , Don Ciccio & Figli and the Omni Hotels and Resorts.

Empower Creativity

Empower Growth

Empower Innovation

Creativity Empowerment was illustrated with DC STEM Fair Award winners sharing their winning projects- Camille Tizelle presenting her “Small Molecule inhibition of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Enzyme DXT” and Emma Johnson presenting her :Effects of Pesticides on Indicator Species In Aquatic Environments.” ETSY brought along Crafty Stitches Jennifer Michael and Deb Soromenho showcasing her jewelry work.

Tim Fort the Kinetic King wowed attendees with his chain reaction gadgetry reaction he brought to America’s Got Talent. Lee Cheng, at Newegg Inc, the second largest online retailer talked about his travails with Patent Trolls and taking them head on.

 Dr David Kilcullen talked about being an advisor to General Petraeus working as a senior counter insurgency. Fresh in the audience minds was the Petraueus scandal.

Empower Growth hosted Paul Miller, Alteha Erickson and Virginia Ali. Virginia is ½ the DC duo. Ben passed on. Virginia is the family matriarch of DC’s living monument Ben’s Chili Bowl. Interviewed by her son at a table brought over from the restaurant itself, a DC history lesson was born.

Althea Erickson talked about Etsy the crafter’s website that redefined the word Kitchen Table an what is done at it.

Paul Miller editor of The Verge shared his life without the Net reintegration and life before.

Empower Innovation was a potpourri of a precocious boy & his dog- a seizure buddy, Mindy and Evan’s mom Mindy. Phil Garland talked about sampling and quality. Jessica Cox wowed them all. No arms. There is nothing she cant do other than embarrass people who say they cant do. Nothing isnt a word ins Jessica’s vocab.

All in a night at TEDX independent. Miracles. Moms. And Amazing… friggin’ A.







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