6 Jun

CONTACT: Carrie Devorah  THE-REPORT-CARD   562 . 688 . 2883  

<> Guarantee the Arts Community Freedom of Artistic Expression

<> IP ownership is how the Arts Community earns money to pay down Student Loans, put food on their table, clothes on their backs and a roof over their heads

<> Define the term FREE INTERNET. Free Internet means different things to     different people ie something to put something on for free? OR something to take something off for free…

<> There is a reason Title 18 [ Criminal ] follows Title 17 [ Copyright ]. Theft of Intellectual Property is a crime to be pursued in an IPR Court

<> Leave IPR Enforcement up to the IPR Courts Congress will create and let the Register of Copyrights do her job- registering copyrights   

<> All Congressional Legislative Initiatives relating to design must include a statement defining and defending Intellectual Property Rights ie. Steny Hoyers MAKE IT IN AMERICA ACT

 <> Lawyers must not violate Copyright Law with Unauthorized Use of IP while prepping a case

<> Support a public awareness campaign educating Copyright Theft Is Jail Time

 <> Copyright is one size fits all. If Disney’s Copyrights lives can be extended so is everyone elses after all, Disney began with one man and a pencil
<>  IP, IPR, Intellectual Property and Rights belongs forever to its 2D IP Creator. IP is the inheritance and heirloom  the Arts Community leaves to our children, grandchildren, their grandchildren and theirs…

© Carrie Devorah . . 562 688 2883

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