11 May

Think 9/11 and the image of people falling from the sky is burned in America’s collective memory.

A loss not of the same level but a loss the same is of original negatives of CAMELOT a presidential moment of Americas effort at Royalty. Original negatives were stored in a World Trade Center bank vault. The traveling photo show CREATING CAMELOT was scheduled to tour. They were lost in the collapse of the WTC. Jacques Lowe the photographer had contact sheets and prints stored in another location.

The Jacques Lowe estate and the Newseum worked together on the 70 images slated for tour reconstructing them from the marked up prints digitally restored to museum quality for the exhibit. Jacqueline Kennedy a celebrity in her own right was a photographer. Shots include family shots along with early campaign shots of the Kennedy’s before their myth began with the First Lady becoming a global fashion icon of mythic & movie proportions.

The estate of Jacques Lowe loaned his logbook and cameras for the exhibit of CREATING CAMELOT The Kennedy Photography of Jacques Lowe.


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