CONTEMPLATING THE 62nd Annual Day Of Prayer Message: PRAY

10 May

Shirley Dobson, the chairman of the national Day of  Prayer led the Congressional kickoff beseeching prayer for our country. Pray. She said citing stats and scriptures reminding people that time and time again The Lord has stepped in when needed, where needed. There is so much to be praying about- Boston, Newtown is a prayer start. There were 42000 prayer gatherings around the country on the National Day of Prayer, Dobson said, the largest to date with word of the mission spreading to the UK and Australia to lift up America in Prayer. Some have booked hot air balloons to hold prayer circles in the air. One woman is packing her buddies in to her SUV to do a day trip to local EMS, fire stations and police to pray with them.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin has become a regular in the bridge building process between faiths. Lapin adressed the struggle people have with prayer. Often, prayer is a w ‘want’ ending up being a ‘cant.’ People know less and less the how to of Ho-Du, a call to God. Lapin brought the gathering back to the evil & good conflict that has challenged generations. Lapin cited history. Revolutions were driven by faith. Philosophies have impacted. Humanistic philosophies, Lapin, said, don’t work. Lapin, in his English clip, engaged the gathered with his biblical search for the first person to pray. Lapin said the first Jewish person to pray to God is shrouded in history as is the first person to eat Rice Krispies. When everyone does it, it isn’t special. But the historical grand adventure  connecting to God is a blueprint of what we must do which is pray.

Rabbi Neal Surasky explained the first three notes of the shofar he was to blow- a call to worship, an announcement of the call of the nations dire contrition and the fourth is the call to the archangels.

Father Jerome Magat cited Matthews in support of the Dobson’s theme 62, a call to Prayer. The nations motto of In God We Trust has led our nation. Magat said trusting in God also means obeying him, despite the threats to all Americans- born and unborn. Lincoln said it is the duty of all Americans to follow GOd, and then Magat led the gathered to prayer.

Bobby Little spoke on behalf of the Christian embassy a mission to bring leaders, of all kinds, military plus to come to faith. Little introduced a big man, the Ambassador to Malawi, Steve Dick Matenje. Matenje brought a prayer for the gathered, turning the gathered to the nations of the world, asking courage to not shrink back from tough decisions, Mataenje prayed for the immigrants and for the fragile, for the peacemakers, for the people of Bangladesh, asked for a stop to Human Trafficking.

Pat Boone as a stalwart for the National Day of Prayer was here this day, white buck shoes and all, a lead in to Congressman Robert Aderholt, from Alabama, reminding people this nation stands for faith and heart and only with these things will America remain the light on the Hill. Aderholt asked people to be encouraged knowing despite all the bickering seen on tv, there is a first prayer of the week that is done off camera and bipartisan. Aderholt has been a sponsor of the last seven days of prayer on the Hill. Aderholt cited Benjamin Franklin in closing, beseeching the day start with gathered prayer, ahead in to the Annie Moses Band, worship leaders.

Glenn Sheppard, from America’s Day of prayer Committee brought people back to the message of the day, providence in the presence of faith, reminding of the Prayer of repentance, Acts 8:22. Sheppard emphasized, America needs to Pray For Its Nation. Sheppard asked for the gathered to kneel. and they did, at their chairs, some facing east, some facing west, some leaning I. To their seats, some kneeling high, heads bowed, fingers clasped,,eyes covered in supplication. He was kind. Sheppard allowed for the disabled. His request was couched in ..’if you can.’ It was on this day, I acknowledged a limitation. I couldn’t. Getting back up was a reality in more ways than one.

What was labelled a special performance was that and more… Wintley Phipps founder if the Dream Academy brought the event a grace that remains the elixir of the nation. One can only wonder at decision to bring JT to the White House when Wintley enfuses breaths of prayer.

John Bornschein vice chairman national day of prayer introduced Judge David Gustafson who requested Prayer for the Judiciary. When one hears a Judge has nine children, there is that momentary of faith wondering if it  is kosher to even think the wordsJudge and, legal briefs in the same thought, let alone iPad sentence. Gustafson derbies himself as a rep of the retail side of the judiciary. His window into proceedings is a keyhole. Gustafson asked for prayer. Dick Eastman asked people to lay hands on the chairs before them asking that judges filling the seats be e fused with faith, justice as they decide for humanity.

Dr James Dobson founder and Chairman  of Family Talk introduced Congressman Frank Wolf, VA. They have known each other for over 23 years. Wolf recited the long history of prayer in politics. Historically kingdoms rise and fall. Wolf assured that America will stay forever. Wolf told of Ben Franklin wept when signing the Constitution. Washington, president if the Constitutional Convention. Apparently there was a rising sun on the back of the presidents chair, all gathered witnessed the dawn of a new nation, a glory. Wolf said as much as he wants that to be true, he is concerned. He doesn’t believe he is alone. Rising debt, America it’s moral compass, with its torch dimming. Solutions will not only come from God. Pray for those in positions influence. Wolf warned. Virtues are mocked. Vices are elevated. The fastest growing affiliation today agree then Nones, dramatically growing. Wolf asked people to pray for the Church and foster a culture of faith. Pray for a new dawn to break.

Vonette Bright, co chairman of the National Day of Prayer Task Force shared Colossians 1:9 introduced Pat Boone. While some wonder if there are 10 righteous men in Hollywood, the are. There are thousands coming to gatherings in Dodgers stadium. Boone said thousands of youth gather.

Larry Polin media fellowship prays for actors by name- Brad Pitt and others. Boone seconded Shirley acknowledging America was born in prayer. It wasn’t a myth that George Washington kneeled in the snow in prayer. It is a history not being taught to kids today. The very obvious intent of a Thomas Jefferson has been twisted yet even a 6th grader knows what that means. Boone recounted his tale of challenging set atheist Michael Newdow, who forgot the words ‘and no restriction thereof..’ Boone talked about Ben Fraknlins call for daily sun a guide to the constitution. Franklin wasn’t known for faith. He was known for his taste in women. Liberty for all adressed where faith is, where. Boone said, Christians are. His words were, are, Legacy in the National day of a prayer, a legacy calling the first Thursday in May being the national Day of Prayer.

There was no National Day of Prayer in the White House last year. There was a celebration of Ramadan. The Jewish month celebration was cancelled to. Boone said, what is next? An executive order from the man who declared evangelical Christians, enemies. Boone began crying out multiples of God’s names… In America as it is in heaven. ..


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