COPYRIGHT REALITY CHECK: Beyond Wonks & Lobbyists

30 Apr

I was asked about Copyright Defense after posting my comment I filed with the Copyright Office in their Orphan Works solicitation period.

The writer asked…. “What I care about most is enforcing whatever laws they have in place – and not at my expense – since they are the wrong-doers. What good is a law if there is no enforcement of it, by anyone? The police and FBI catch people doing bad stuff all of the time. But, if we as artists are getting ripped off, what is our REAL recourse? Who do we go to? Why isn’t there an agency that can help artists get what they are due from the crooks out there using our designs to their benefit. Even if we get them to stop selling, how do we collect royalties on all of the money they made off of us. Why should we have to go to an attorney? Why doesn’t the same agency that we file our copyrights with take this into their own hands and do something???….”

I have become active in Congress in defense of my copyright. Why? I learned lawyers dont get “IT” from our point of view Gingrich sued by photographer – PATRICK GAVIN | POLITICO CLICK…/gingrich_sued_by_photographer.html
I succeeded in getting a shout out for artists and photographers at the March 20 Orphan Works hearing on Capitol Hill. In all of my years covering the Hill and copyright issues, I NEVER covered a hearing advocating for 2D IP creators. I covered celebrity, rock stars, old stars, etc.
Our real recourse at this time isnt good. The value of the average persons claim is not respected. I filed a second comment adressing Small Claims.
The value of filing our copyrights? Well, we have been misled to thinking there is a value. The money has made the Copyright office the only profitable office in Congress hence the President is cramming more lawyers into that Department. Reality is we have no obligation to file a copyright mark until we file claim. Read my Comment. By virtue of creating the IP, it is protected. IF we want to file suit, there should be a middle road between filing fee and Expedited Fee pre filing suit.
How we collect is the problem. Right now, Copyright is a Federal Territory. Making it small claims is a thought….. that has BEEN ON THE TABLE SINCE 2006 at least. Dont be hopefilled. BUT I have taken on the wonks and lobbyists and lawyers who make a living going to meetings, writing notes, cashing checks… did I say cashing checks? Yes… alot of checks.
I am hitting back with reality check and common sense and no checks funding me. I wish there was. I am fighting for my copyright ownership. I was told I need to change a SCOTUS decision and laws. Working on it.

What can we do? Pass my comment forward. Follow me. Have people connect to me….

Insight Reality check. Lawyers have their own bottom lines to cover. They wont take on the average issue of theft IP. They WILL cover their backsides with a follow up letter and notice on statute, the perfunctory ‘you may have a case’, maybe a referral, maybe a good luck… The system is flawed MORESO in this world of technology. Dont you worry, I take every opportunity I can to tease legislators I know about the speed they facilitated pushing through technological advancements without knowing they facilitated their own worst enemies… IP that keeps everything forever.


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