FAT CHANCE: Who Would Have Guess That Carlos Slim Is Involved In Waste Fraud and Abuse- Governments Middle Name:

27 Apr

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Ever read your Cable Bill? Your phone bill? Your bundled bill? You should sometime. The only thing being bundled is your bucks going to other people MAYBE EVEN if Marsha Blackburn gets her way to investigate the Dole services the Boston Bomber may have been collecting in addition to welfare? Blackburn put it out there to the world now rampant with cyber-sleuthing “did the Boston Bombers receive Lifeline Funds too.” Guessing the answer will come back to Marsha, correctly and not. Cyber sleuthing is not an exact science as recent viral outings have shown finding a role in public bad behaviour and suicides by persons challenged by private moments gone not-private.

Quite funny in that GMAIL refused TWO ATTEMPTS at sending through my mobile a copy of sections of my bill illustrating Universal Connectivity, seems Universal has its limitations- called Censoring. It seems three times was the charm.

The House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee Subcommittee on Communications and Technology hearing held a hearing investigating if money is  ‘well spent the Lifeline Fund initiated under the Reagan administration. The hearing took place the same morning FIVE living presidents were cracking open yet another historic book- the 43 Library in Texas. Some legislators took the morning as an ET PHONE HOME DAY. Others, were present to say PRESENT. The Lifeline Fund program was expanded for wireless services by President Bush. The Universal Service Funds USF Lifeline programs  tripled in size from $800 million a year in 2009 to $2.2 billion per year in 2012, a phenom blamed in the inclusion of prepaid wireless providers in to the program. The FCCs position is the program is decreasing users and is of benefit to victims of spousal abuse, veterans, tribal areas, seniors, school lunch program families and families in Head Start and others in rural areas, etc.
Lifeline is the program with excess, experiencing an explosive growth of public funds under Obama, feared to be unsustainable- both Obama and the LIFELINE FUND. Blackburn says there are plenty of questions under this warranting questioning of accountability. Congresswoman Blackburn inquired as to what reforms should go in to place questioning fund abuse. Vetting is warranted.  

The declared bipartisan goal is to expand the program for the Internet economy in that over 100 million Americans dont use broadband yet. OMG even with percolating Online fraud and abuse coming to a boil.

Congresswoman Matsui (D-CA) hoped the hearing would focus on facts not fiction, used this public stage to reintrode her The Broadband Adoption Act (HR 1685).

Witnesses included Geoff Ageist, general manager of Montana Telecommunications Association, Jessica Gonzalez, Vice President of policy and legal affairs representing the National Hispanic Media coalition, Billy Jack Gregg of Billy jack Gregg Universal consulting, Christopher Guttman McCabe Vice President of regulatory affairs for CTIA the Wireless Association, Phillip Jones chairman of the aboard and President national Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioner and Julie Veach chief wireline competition bureau of the Federal Communications Commission the FCC. Veach compellingly shared how the fund was her lifeline forward to achieve a position on the panel. Veach is a proponent of USE not ABUSE.

The original intent of the program was to cover the short fall for low income customers and local phone rates. Phone costs increased post the divestiture of Bell Operating companies from AT&T. Participating companies must be certified as ETCs eligible telecommunication carriers. Carriers must have their own inversely service programs. States that don’t have their own programs allow the FTC to step in. In 2005, the FTC granted petitions to non facilities based providers, companies who dont own their own infrastructure, on a case by case basis.

The 1996 Telecommunications act introduced competition to the market for local telephone services. Competition was brought in to the market. The USF was codified. Monthly discounts can go as high as $10.00 a month. Participants must be subscribers with income below or at 135 % of Federal poverty guidelines or participate in assistance programs like food stamps.

A tangential program, Linkup, was created to help low income consumers pay the installation cost of phone service, up to $30 to facilitate costs off phone service, up to $200 in a year., with interest free loans for additional installation costs. The FCC reduced Linkup support to tribal residences.

Feb 2012 was a date ‘out there’ for the FCC to have prepared reforms which  included requiring subsides to recertify, confirming subsidies were one per household, starting a state by state accountability database, imposed audit requirements on carriers receiving more than $5 million in annual support, to develop an automated way to determine if a recipient in lifeline eligibility of Medicaid, food stamps, and supplementary income programs.

41% of Lifeline recipients cannot show eligibility or refuse to show certification or even account for how many phones they have.

 There is a fine line between gluttony and margins. The House Majority wants to put the $2.2 billion U.S. mobile-phone subsidy for the poor on a diet. Slim’s TracFone unit is scarfing the biggest part of the U.S. Federal Communication Commission’s Lifeline program enchilada, taking in $451.7 million, or 28 percent, of payments in 2011. “It’s not fair that people save and work and pay for phones from whatever funds they have, and other people get them for free,” Representative Tim Griffin (R-Arkansas) wants the mobile subsidy eliminate. Slim’s phone company AMERICA MOVIL SAB (AMXL), the biggest in Mexico offers mobile service in 17 Latin American countries and the U.S.

 The FCC has No jurisdiction over wireless providers. Checking churches, imams, mosques to vet out who of the sheltered, if any, or benefiting from public and church grace,  is abusing social programs is off the radar. Making sure the next Boston Bomber, a man with time to box, to travel to Russia and crock up a pot of nails is out being a man providing for a family, supported by enabler parents, in-laws, wife and handlers isn’t a margin being made on the program. Being financial mentors, it seems, is no longer PC, appearing to have gone out the window with IN GOD WE TRUST being stamped on the face of American coin.

There is no budget, the FCC says. So next month when you look at your bills back page, bottom line? Yours will be going up. You will pay more so others can continue to DUE less….


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