27 Apr

I profiled this back. Get their girls. Get their women. Get their wives. The IRISH GARDA taught me in a gunfight take the women out first. Women are fierce. HENCE whenever given the opportunity to express an opinion on these matters I share GET THEIR WOMEN FIRST. Even the 19 year old Boston Bomber has a girl he has macho’d out to. It is a ‘guy’ thing’ to chest puff as well as it is a ‘chick thing’ to go googly eyed and defend her perceived territory. You are seeing this play out with the mother. I opined on how Nedra’s mother (girl who set herself on fire outside an embassy) committed herself to her daughters “cause” post her daughter’s immolation. The trail here needs to track the Ovary Pool. AND the need here is to know that ONE DAY in 17 or so years the daughter will grow up to ‘defend’ her father’s memory and name. AND THAT IS WHY THIS IS A BATTLE OF CENTURIES…. it isnt rocket science- Carrie Devorah CCIA MPI DRS profiler former CA BSIS (babe in the backless red dress in my younger years)


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