23 Apr

The law says he is. BUT that said he is a child. We all are. Victim of his childhood? Well, so was Arthur Ashe. So was Jackie Robinson. At some point we need to grow up. Some do. Some dont. People do what they want to. People cheat on taxes, at work, on building documents, etc. That is part of human nature. As is expecting not to get caught. Justifying what they did?

There are always justifications- rational justifications are another matter at all. And his wife? She saw. So did the wives I photographed post 9/11 at the Press Club. All blonde and beautiful. Until something went wrong, they didnt see it as wrong. Neither did Bomber 1’s wife see things as wrong… first wrong being changing for him UNLESS they discussed it before they wedded.

And her parents? They saw nothing? They saw everything. They saw their daughter change from their ways to a man she married who they knew was of a radical sect of Islam. Signs are always there. The Bomber’s parents? A mother who shoplifts has a different standard of moral compass than we do. A father who leaves his sons in a foreign culture they stuck out in is showing he was selfish in satisfying his needs…. I can go on and on. I will stand behind my training which says we can mitigate but not stay further terrorism. Stand outside the White House at Lafayette Square and H. Look to your right… Decatur House. A history lesson… Decatur fought Moors…. aside from rebranding and a century or so…. have things really changed other than a 24 hour news cycle that inundates and incites…


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