22 Apr

Constant haranguing on him/brothers WILL create empathetic terrorists

The human mind TWISTS. Constant slamming of the Chechne Brothers gets internalized by fragile minds who develop kinship. TONE THE RHETORIC

Copycats watching 24/7 rhetoric Media interviews constant airing are living vicariously in anticipation of their Last Hurrahs too TONE DOWN!

Tamerlans daughter risks being a second generation of her father and uncle from persons relaying her fathers heroism to her. Its all POV. Intervention on the child starts now

The brother WILL answer questions. He lacks someone of perceived authority to turn to. It may turn out to be the Uncle from Maryland stepping in to the picture. Uncle is empathetic figure of authority contrasting to father in another country he is disconnected from emotionally. Will not be mother. He looks down on her. He needs a father figure. 19? No girlfriend? Ahem! Says it all, Most likely felt rejected by women he approached. Will respond to a soft spoken man who listens, sits near, allows ‘space’- Carrie Devorah CCIA MPI DRS profiler former BSIS

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