14 Apr

I wanted to surprise my son for inspiration he gave me a year back after my surgery. Walking again was so hard. Theres more pluck in this girl than in the team of Budweiser horses but even for me there were days the pain was such I was ready to give in. My son said “Mom, Do Your Victory Lap.”

Where I am momentarily living has a “track” of sorts the 90’s plus storm around with their walkers, beating me mind you, which was even more esteem demoralizing. But in my head, I heard JZ going “Mom, Do Your Victory Lap.”

Its been a year plus. Rebuilding every day. I thought I would do something nice for my son. I had already saved the Do Your Victory Lap name for him. I thought I would surprise him and set the blog up. I guess my signals should have been that his name was taken and other such stuff. Perfectly perky, I picked a new name, an Amazing Password describing him. And then I entered his email adress to register the blog. Let me repeat that. I entered HIS email adress to register the blog I was planning to surprise him with. Are we getting what happened? THE CONFIRMATION LINK WENT TO HIM …. Now we know why mothers cannot live without their technologically smarter sons…… well I tried  😦                       

Bright side is I didnt throw my keys down the garbage disposal this time…. sheesh


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