12 Apr

REPUBLICANS IN DC? YOU BETCHA: Luke Messer (IN-6) head of the Freshman Class hosted two DC republicans at the Capitol Hill Club- conservative Patrick Mara and Brigida Benitez, yes, a nice Jewish girl from Brooklyn NOT!!!

Brigida is well is it PC to say a feisty Latina with a look that hooks the second she walks in a room that continues when she speaks which she did to the handful of Conservatives that came to support what are TWO good chances to bring balance to the District of Columbia. Patrick is a candidate for DC City Council. Brigida is a candidate for DC Bar President Elect. Luke is an outside the box kinda guy.

Seeking to build bridges between the Dems and GOPs, Luke hosted a mixer at WE THE PIZZA. YAY! Kathy and Spike. Yes, I got them into the Bush White House. How? I brought food to Lower Press one day. The rest is a TOP CHEF CHICAGO marriage made in political heaven. Patrick is holding Call Centers over at the GOP headquarters needing volunteers now through election, sign placement, plus. GET OUT THERE AND MADE A DIFFERENCE.


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