9 Apr

While Congress is debating the use of the term Redskin or Negro word used in some forums there is Congress’s blindered lack of addressing the words in other forums- caving in to which ever special interest pops up at any time. Comedian Mo’nique is NOT under the radar of Congresswoman Eleanor Norton Holmes for Congressional scrutiny with her use of the N word in her shows including the DAR, Daughters of the American Revolution theater, blocks from the White House, an ironic site in light of the greatest gathering of all time in front of the Lincoln Memorial, April 9, 1939. Marion Anderson “colored contralto” was uninvited from performing at the DAR, due to her color. Anderson had been booked, sight unseen, because of her voice.

Sandy Banks wrote in the LA TIMES, that “A NY resident said Negro, a word the ‘Census Bureau dropped from its lexicon’ is a ‘“It’s a bad vibe word,” one black New York City resident told a radio reporter. This, in an era when rap music and popular movies are bursting with the other n-word, and our vibes don’t seem particularly bothered” – GUEST COLUMN Long live the word ‘Negro’ yet, Negro is a word brass plaqued on a knee wall at Gaulludet College and it included in the name of the nation’s largest and most effective minority education organization, UNCF (United Negro College Fund), providing “operating funds for 38 member historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), scholarships and internships for students at about 900 institutions and faculty and administrative professional training. For more than 67 years, UNCF has raised more than $3.3 billion to help more than 400,000 students attend college and graduate from college. UNCF has distributed more funds to help minorities attend school than any entity outside of the U.S. government…” , point being, laws against hate crimes and IP theft are on the books, more correctly, are on the walls of the United States Capitol City, atop the SCOTUS, the Supreme Court Justices of the United States and in Temples of Learning:  LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS THYSELF (Lev: 19:18 V’ahavta L’Ray-aachha K’amochha), THOU SHALT NOT STEAL [8th Commandment] (Exodus 20:15) addresses “taking away another man’s property by force or fraud, without the knowledge, and against the will of the owner thereof” , yet Legislators see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear- Comedian Mo’nique- Time stamp 5:53        [CAUTION- language alert]


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