AT WHAT COST HISTORY LOST-HOOVER to HOOVER (the deal that ‘sucks’):

1 Apr

Public speculation over the fate of the FBI Building is over. The GSA General Services Administration accepted a $1.1 billion bid for the 11 story 2.8m sf J EDGAR HOOVER FEDERAL BUILDING located at 935 Pennsylvania Avenue in downtown DC. The buyer? A floor care products firm based in Glenwillow Ohio, best known as THE HOOVER COMPANY. Hoover’s primary reason for buying the Hoover Building? Branding of course. There is no joking, on April Fools Day of the coincidence of the FEDS selling out to another entity that does SWEEPS.

Hoover, the clean sweep people, began in 1908 with James Murray Spangler patenting a motorized carpet cleaner, eventually called the vacuum cleaner. Hoover has been on its toes from competition since 1925 when its patent ran out. Hoover, the corporation, is justifying its $1.1 billion dollar purchase offer price, saying they would have “material savings” because the wont have to change their stationer an argument that doesn’t hold water since the zip for Ohio is >>>>>>>>> and the zip for downtown DC isn’t. Reportedly Hoover is telling people another cost saver comes from DC being “known for its higher than average home sanitation habits”, someone who may not have been to DC in quite a while, unfamiliar with DC’s explosion of construction and soon to be Trump Project rebuild of the Old Post Office Tower, kitty corner to the FBI building. A plus to the neighbor hood will be the release of street parking taken over by the FEDS.

Irony in the sale is HOOVER to HOOVER is the sale is taking place during Americas heated conversations with China over increasing Chinese Cyber security concern over hacking. HOOVER, the vaccum people, are now owned by TECHRONIC INDUSTRIES of CHINA. HOOVER, the FEDS people, are located within viewing and walking and hop, skip and jumping distance, equidistant from the US CONGRESS, the White House, DOJ, IRS etc.

Unexpected allies to Congress is the challenge launched by the estate of the late President Herbert C. Hoover who, out of concern to mitigate tainting the reputation of the rumored cross dressing paranoid like 31st President of the United States/FBI director J Edgar Hoover and a Vacuum Company, hired Golden Globe award winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio to produce educational PSAs Public Service Ads to teach the world the difference to current American college students, the heirs allegedly tested on their knowledge of politics, concluding “lack of any distinguishable knowledge of American history prior to 2011 which is curious in that American students in DC need only head down to Madame Tussauds Wax museum to see J Edgar in his famed leaning on the desk stance. J Edgar is for rent by the Wax Museum, FYI. Curious is why the heirs, if concerned about J Edgars reputation as reported, would hire Leonardo DiCaprio who portrayed J Edgar as long rumored. See the movie.

The sale will most likely come to Congress for review of the HOOVER building to foreign ownership addressed under The Foreign Direct Investment Act of 1990. The question left on the table is will the Chinese be paying in YEN or US dollars. A better question to ask is if the deal is a cash deal will the Chinese discount Americas outstanding debt…. Just kidding. NOT!

However, reached yesterday in Las Vegas, a former senior GSA official, who now heads an events company there but declined to be named, said, “It’s a no-brainer. They will be paying in US dollars.”

The heirs battle to preserve the image they want preserved by disassociating J Edgar with the famed sucker, the vaccuum, may be a tough one. HOOVER, the vaccuum, Hoover is owned by Techtronic Industries also known as the TTI Group. TTI trades on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong under the symbol/stock code of 669. It also has an ADR set up to trade in the US under the over the counter ticker symbol TTNDY.
TTI Group also owns the Milwaukee Tools, AEG, Dirt Devil, Ryobi, Stiletto, Homelite, and VAX brands


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