A MOMENT IN TRUTH and How To Handle A Two Buck Chuck:

31 Mar

I was exiting the store. The clerk handed me the sesame oil bottle I decided against taking. You left your oil ma’am, he said. It wasn’t my oil. It was a well intentioned misguided thank you. I understood. I looked the young man in his eyes. I understand I said. It isn’t mine to take. It isn’t yours to give. I know. Thank you.

What happened was a chunky gum chewing white woman with red lipstick and a hair cut behooving a Beatle, hands shoved in her black sleeveless vest challenged the young man after he completed ringing up her accounts. You owe me $2 she argued. You should have asked me for my coupons before you rang me up. Ma’am, he said. Coupons? You didn’t say anything about coupons until after I rang up. You owe me the money, she argued, cracking her gun.

The young man looked beyond me. I am learning. Say nothing. The young man credited the woman the $2. She left. $2 wasn’t going to make or break her day. She wanted to ball bust. The young man was her target. Today.

The young man was thorough, pleasant. I spoke up. I saw, I said. Nothing you were going to do would make a difference. You handled it well. We chatted in that I had just spoken to the store regional manager of the need to coach staff on meditative skills to facilitate problem customers. I offered to speak to the manager to share my experience if the woman went one step past her $2 victory.

Hence how the sesame oil offer came to be. I knew, the item belonged to the store. It wasn’t mine to take. Mine to give was a high five of the motivational kind. Now, that, his smile, was something I could take from the store with me. And to the Two Buck Chuck who ballbusted just because….. karma….. ommmm


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