17 Mar

While no job is greater than a Vets it seems there are jobs paid far better than a vets & other real world people

NAME                       UBER CAREER                  SALARY

Mark Harmon            actor . producer                     $500K an episode ($38M)

Justin Bieber             musical sensation                 $6,261 an hour      ($55M)

Serena Williams        tennis player                         ($19M)

Gabrielle Douglas     gymnast                                ($10.25M)

Sofia Vergara            actress                                  ($21M)                                                 

Paula Deen                celebrity chef                        ($16.5M)

Adele                          singer                                   ($32M)                                           

Tom Brady                 football player                        ($23M)                                                      

Blake Shelton            country music star                  ($20M)                                            


NAME                                    EVERYDAY PERSON CAREER  SALARY

Joshua McCullough  floral photographer                $37K

Margo Brown             artisan . potter                       $41K

Jessica Hacker          blogger                                  $18K

Jared Kay                  designer                                 $50K

Victor Ingurio             US Army Psychologist        $76,789

Seth Simas                substitute teacher                  $11,260

Henrietta Thompson   library director                 $44,851

Joseph Hardin             mayor                              $10,200


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