16 Mar

On most days, the streets of DC shed surprises of the unexpected sort raining from Moslem men walking down Massachusetts Avenue reading the Koran  wearing thick running socks on his sandaled feet and a ski jacket over his thin fabric caftan. A block or two past at 20th Street,  the elderly man who begs outside the mosque that is not a mosque, the Islamic Institute at Mass and  Rockcreek Parkway, stood there. Dawn had not even cracked let alone winked. The LED sign near the man flashed Rock and Roll Marathon. This is the morning of the last day of pilgrimage to conservative Mecca- CPAC, the annual east coast gathering of ideas on patriotism and freedom. 

The lobbies of the host hotels always fill up bleary eyed early. Conservatives are eager together and talk together, at night over beers and wines, in the morning over bagels and commercials of inspiration. 
One has to admire the first speaker on stage at any event let alone in a room still empty of attendees. The room will fill up but after the Pledge of Allegiance, after the Prayer, the invocation, all that take place AFTER the exhibit hall has opened, not before. Therein lies America ‘s demise- prayer after not first as patriots allege they stand…. If it was, it would be prayer first and THEN open the exhibit hall not the other way around.
Yellow appears to be the women’s consensus color of choice against the blue on blue backdrop with a flag overhead. 
Jenny Beth Martin co founder of the Tea Party Patriots started morning Day 3 broadcast over the Internet to supporters around the world. The room was beginning to fill, a chair here or there. Congressman Steve King raised awareness to his battle for his sea pursued for three years by gotcha videographers waiting for that sound byte they would use against him. Didn’t happen in his fights for the American people- truth be told- conservatives and dems alike. Scott Walker roused the room, seats filled by this time. Walker is a man with potential for president. Proof is in the pudding is on his side. Wisconsin is no longer just a state of cheeses, Wisconsin is in the black no longer in the red. Scott told the story of a young moon he wanted to invite to a speech he gave. She turned him down. He had done his job that well. The young woman had been on the dole. She enrolled in a government program to train. She did so well training and working as a nurses aide that she was going after work to night school to train as a nurse. Walker beamed. He was not offended by her turning his invitation. He was proud. Pleased. Go Walker 2016.
Everything Newt was on stage next. University on line. Already out in the field. Check. Bringing people on board to teach a la TED. Check. Calista and Ellis’ teaching history to children through books. Newsletter. Check. And so on for an Old Guard the new up comers do need to tone down but he is color of the past that is fading. 
Michele Bachman is a Tea Party favorite. Dressed in royal blue she wrapped the attendees by now filling the room, in warmth with her jokes that kept the crowd roaring until she got serious about Bengahzi and Dead Men Walking into history for a moment congress is still trying to make sense of- the hour President Obama went AWOL and is still uncounted for. Out back of the Oval smoking or on a PDA even the server service doesn’t account for… still. Jokes about dogs that are loyal and cats that are not the foster mom of twenty three told a joke about Alzheimer’s… Hmmm… I forgot what it was about… 
The delight of the conference will remain now and forever Dr. Ben Carson who is singlehandedly making doctors sexy. To the point he told a journalist that race is of no issue when he gets inside someone’s head. He is a neurosurgeon witness to the impact of books on the life of hidden. Benny Carson says read books. Brains are filled with neurons that rival the national debt. The brain surgeon told of growing up being called dummy until the 5th grade when his mother said if you don’t want to be dumb… And Benny read books every night even though his mother wasn’t there to make him read, much to his friends amazement. Soon, Benny’s friends stopped calling him dummy and s tarted asking for help with their work. Benny talked about the inadequacy of nerds getting pins for accomplishments when sport stars get here leaders and parades. Benny put his bucks where his mouth is. Mrs Benny and thenDoc started a scholarship program twenty five years back providing scholarship to youth across the country. The Carson Scholarship program expanded to develop reading rooms for children believing books will fill hands so guns can’t.
Benny says the Dems created class division by making the 1% the lower class hate. Benny says  economics isn’t brain surgery. Corporations need to be treated as friends not enemies and war on God is to be resisted. Stop the war on God standing up against the PC police. Media is creating the frition between believers and non believers. Values must lead America the pinnacle nation in Orr for America to be One Nation Under God.
Ben Carson is retiring in 160 days. He believes pilots must stop flying before they crash and burn. America The Beautiful by Ben Carson, available on Amazon, rose to number one on the New York Times best seller list. Point made is how can America know what America has lost if Americans don’t k ow what America’s history is. Truth must be expressed with civility and love or it is no longer the truth reported that way.
Ben Carson disappeared down to the exhibit hall to sign books for fans eager to take his word with them home to show friends and neighbors what a real patriot looks like from the inside of book covers outwards. Not everyone is a patriot even though they attend CPAC. A young round female pushed throughout the line waiting for Benny. An older female patriot pushed back. The young round female pushing the two male friends with her, said ‘I am a VIP.’ The older patriot woman said ‘so, there is a line. You are a VIP, they are not.’ The young round woman pulled out a camera then said, ‘I am media.’ The old woman said, ‘you mean you have a camera and that is not media that means you have a camera,’ wrote her name down as the young round woman started to step over the cane of the blind man waiting for Benny to sign his purchased copy of the book defining American exceptionalism of what this young lady was not. She is an example that within conservative riles lies bad people too. Conservatism isn’t all patriots. In truth patriotism is a state of mind- some have less.
Morgan Brittney was the conservative fox long before Sarah Palin hit the ground running. With piercing blue eyes and a look that is pure Morgan, she is now part of politichiks making a difference in the America she loves. Morgan understands the value of copyright. Identity. Commerce. And the American way. 
Elevators are a prime lesson in politics – they go up and down like careers. Nd hopes. And aspirations. Some hand out flyers and messages. The polite art of conventions is to take the handout, grab the handout then carry it past the rotary file to deposit on the nearest flat surface covered with magazines, papers, books and leaflets. 
The exodus in the hallways was flowing back into the ballroom. Sarah Palin was on board, old, thinner,  but no less quieter message to conservatives gathering in less number to hear her. Sarah has been downgraded from keynote to clean up, final hours, attendees weeded out, energy level down. Not even the Big Gulp prop in her hands woke the room up although the moderator said the EBay prop Sarah left behind was going up on EBay to fund the island on the Bahamas he set his sights on. But Sarah forgot a lesson of America’ s exceptionalism. Sarah forgot any kind word deferred to Phyliss Schlafly the old woman of the “C”, the convention. Tight jeans, Harley’s, realitynTV show, a mane of hair and being a former Fox ‘fine’ doesn’t go on forever. What is important to remember is time marches forward even for women who made the world stage on the right arm of John McCain a GOP gone wrong. Palin went rogue. Wronger gone worker. 
There is hope for the GOP. Diverse party? Yes. Very. But not on center stage. People had to stick in their seats to hear the up and coming under forty, men and women in their 20’s- former military, first generation descendants of Cuban immigrants plus. They are, for now, locals serving their state citizens. Their examples they cite are the Marco Rubios of Capitol Hills. They are young men and women who know how to balance checkbooks, count fingers and toes, and pound pavements, wear out shoe leather and social network the old fashioned way. Conservatism and common sense are the real silver bullets DC should take a lesson from . The new generation has yanked  the baton from old generation. The next thing to go must be old guard marketing candidates- the Karl Roves, the Ed Gillespies cannot be given another chance to fail. Where America is spiraling down to is in their control and of their doing? 
It should be no more. It can be changed.
The afternoon of day three the convention begins to wind down. Flights are being caught. Rooms are being emptied. Swag is finding its way up stairs. Easier to leave than to carry home. Movies are packed. Citizen Uniteds films are applauded. There is a market for movies with a message. Even Mark Burnett and Roma Downey find their home in faith. Even the orthodox Jews attending CPAC find their way to attend what they can until the Sabbath ends
despite being challenged by no eruv and electrically operated toilets and faucets in the bathroom. The thing about CPAC as it stands today with conference attendees is there are many more Jews attending that the poor girl in the bathroom with soap on her hands can’t turn the water on to wash it off without violating the Sabbath rules of needing a non Jew to flick the magic eye tripping the water to fall.
Andrew Marcus was in the hallway when his Hating Breitbart started to screen. He said he reacted to every audience emotion expressed. Knowing Andrew it was hard to see him alive and irreverent although there is a divine grin knowing that the new media that tore him apart is that very gift that will keep Andrew alive forever. 
The day is winding down further. Dark is settling over the Gaylord. When the Sabbath ends a new week starts bringing with it a hope for a new day dawning. The Potomac Ballroom is packed once again. Luggage is littered between chairs and at the room back. Coffee is getting warmer. Ann Coulter has spoken. As with every CPAC there is a young man using the anonymity of the event and the armor of the crowd to ask Ann for a date. Mothers notes needed, she says. Dads? Guess is they want to chaperone or tag team or the options go on. An’s standards for candidates have sharpened. She wanted Chris Christie a year earlier as the savior for the GOP. Might be that his girth has weighed in on the matter but he is off Coulter’s list along with former congressional leaders. Height is her prerequisite too.
CPAC is down to the Straw poll the fun part of the three day event. Rand Paul clocked in at 25% while Marco Rubio clocked in  second with Other pulling up in third place, other including Ike and Richard Nixon. Girls outvoted boys, it seems. So much for the GOP holding back girls. Just a gagnam style attack that goes no where other than selling downloads, maybe apps. Disingenuous that’ll tins pundit Ana Navarro speculated Rand Paul winning the Straw Poll AFTER the vote result was announced. There is the secret of pundits…. reading what has already been announced.
The GOP has changed. Where else can an Orthodox Jew rub shoulders with a lesbian and neither takes the closeness as anything other than the new Dames, the new daughters of America’s conservative revolution. 
Ted Cruz was introduced by Sunny Walker, a Breitbart columnist. The sisters in the audience wished someone had Sunny’s black as she left the stage…twice.  Her white dress size tag was up against the kin of her back. Sunny’s pleasure was to introduce Senator Cruz. Cruz is in control of his message sharing his first opportunity to speak on the Senate floor. The Alamo’s anniversary was celebrated during the 13 hour stand on the floor. Cruz recalled that he read from Pattons speech along from President Reagan’s words.
America is surviving the end of the world as the democrats call it. Cruz recalled the ghostbusters movie which cringed at the possibility of cats and dogs living together… And then he reminded CPAC attendees it is the day before St Patricks day. DC celebrated St Patrick day one day ahead… Sequestration is the guess- government cutting bak on days of the year…
Fitting to offer a traditional Irish blessing
May the road rise to meet ya
May the heavens descend to greet ya
May the world look up to see ya 
May the sun shine on this country from sea to shining sea… 
America is the real pot of golden opportunity at the end of legal immigrant  rainbow…

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