14 Mar

Always start anywhere w swag even if you have to buy it like NRA hats. I negotiated two- one for me and one for my sons girlfriends mother for us to wear to coffee in New York.

CPAC scored w its move to National Harbor for 2013 putting a highly charged constituency in the calm down by the bay, more correctly the Potomac. Few know that out of the sand at the waters rises a large clawing hand that could illustrate the grab of the conservative and and woman for freedom. The Awakening had sat offshore of the District for years a gift from the artist. Here, today, The Awakening makes sense. Breaking through, an ideal from an objectivity that has been mischaracterized as burdensome and complicated.
It isn’t complicated at all. Freedom is free.
The Citadel Republican Society  Color Guard presented the colors following the invocation delivered by Bethany Bowra founder of Next Generation of Voters. Katie Pavlich, news editor of Townhall Hall led as emcee. The National Anthem was sung by Jonathan Hostletter. And then CPAC went one conservative step further… Charles Bain led the Pledge of Allegiance.
Al Cardenas welcomed attendees to the connection followed by Ken Cuccinelli, Virginias attorney general followed by former US Representative Allen West followed by Pat Toomey, republican of Pennsylvania. Concurrent to the Potomac Ballroom main events are satellite events in the Chesapeake, exhibit halls, radio wall in the long corridor outside the Potomac. 
The Honorable Steve King led the first main event panel guesting Tom Cotton, Angelo Codevilla, Ivan Eland and the eternally energizing outspoken Texas congressman Louis Gohmert. Panels are sleep motivating when laden with facts until Louis steps up to plate. Louis is a Vietnam vests fans with guns still blazing.  Does it make an impact on the young ‘media’ filling the Media Center? Judging by the Facebook pages that are open and emails being sent, no,  war is a three letter word the PDA generation dealt relate too. The thigh high skirted cougar wearing red white and blue vinyl boots caught their attention. Times have changed. Tides had turned. “Too many American wars. should We Fight anywhere and can we afford it? ” doesn’t resonate on a generation that feels no pain on bloodless murder by video games. History has lost relevancy until someone like Dr. Eland pulls people back to look at WWII before focusing on WWII as the origin of war. Think Calvin Coolidge. Gohmert wants Americans to go back to taking out leaders not the people where half the people like us, take out the people we are at war with and leave the rest alone. –
Could there even be a convention without discussing immigration. Do pigs fly? And do conservatives reach out to the Latino population is a redundant conversation in the blush of Pope Francis papal election. Look around the room. Look around the country. Who is at fault are people trying to be rock stars of the PDA kind. Ronald Reagan is here ever present and one wonders when the words resurrect are used why the heckle didn’t CPAC do the hologram thing used for Hollywood to milk revenues from superstar cash cows. Maybe because it is principals that live. Maybe because conservatives was believers not joiners, shears and soul not hangers on. Even Latinos know the threat of illegal immigrants and acknowledge the cheap labor do the work Americans don’t want to do. Telling the audience about illegals who left a woman to die in the desert does not invoke sympathy for the immigrant cause it invokes a cry for book them for murder. THAT is the American way. The shadows is not where many immigrants came from. Boat loads of Jews escaping the Holocaust were turned away- dying in the water or in Nazi death camps.
The a sprawl of the Gaylord is fitting to a casual ambience but what sits awkward is the Gaylord now a Marriott. While the Marriots are Mormon and conservative the labor unions of the Marriott employees tend to be democratic voters. very. There is a wonder if from somewhere, in the tree laden lobby Anonymous might pop out.
CPAC 2013 is jam packed with events. If one takes time to catch a breath and a rest off the feet, an event in the main ballroom is missed. Events tend to be newbie things to do. That and activism classes are draws for those rankled by the current decline if American exceptional ism. The complexion of the crowd is blurred. There are no black or brown or red conservatives here until a speaker makes that point. Shame, can’t be a melting pot if someone keeps on trying to separate the ingredients getting stewed. The spice of the brew are the patriots dressed in historic costume. There is nothing to be sneered at over a man who looks better in stockings and buckles than the meanest of girls. 
Official events are published in the guides, app updates are available to techies. Unofficial events are tough to track.  Jews in the news know to scope out the skullcaps for the sheets on the sabbath meal. Only here can a Jewish girl call out ‘father’ to a man she doesn’t know and hand her her cards. This is the tether and weave of CPAC. Conservative superstars mingle with their minder- the public that votes.
Citizen United has its screen room designated . Panels take place even if chairs are emptied. This is conservatism where quality rules. It takes one man to make a movement. This is Andrew’s moment. A year later he is missed sorely. People he took under his wing speak in his memory. Brietbart is the evangelist for liberals who one day woke up from under the stupor of the democratic agenda, wanting to make their difference at a cost of family, hearth and peace of mind. The Occupy movie that shook Andrews foundation eclipses the nativity of our world lost to plots and threats. Steeple he called the pawns on the left. People who do what they are told without questioning or resistance. The Nazis called them a scourge to erase the world of.
 This is CPACs purpose. Open. Eyes. Open.

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