13 Mar

 Bookbags, once a test of someone’s fortitude, are lighter holding iPads and Tablets instead of a multitude of books. Coincidentally, YAHOO has withdrawn telecommuting, as a work option from employees.

A year plus after, the House Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade Subcommittee debated Federal Trade Commission recommendations by the that Web firms get permissions from parents to collect information on children under the age of 13, News Corp has introduced their 10” $299 AMPLIFY tablet at SouthbySouthWest conference in Austin Texas, a tablet which comes with software for teachers to WATCH EACH STUDENTS ACTIVITIES runs on a school’s wireless Internet system, taking Instant Polls  & giving students ANONYMOUS quizzes to get a sense of the students understanding. The question of a child’s privacy, though being debated on the Hill, seems to be unadressed or ignored, here.

Kathryn Montgomery, a professor of communications at American University said “Developments are happening so quickly in the digital marketing industry that many of the new techniques may be escaping scrutiny.” Montgomery is known for her contribution to the 1998 COPPA law, an effort  to adress this issue.

 Reps. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) and Joe Barton (R-Tex.) proposed legislature to prevent the tracking of children online. Companies spoke out against the law that requires an eraser button for children’s information. The companies said a Data Erasure button would be hard to pull off technologically.

The FTC had recommended companies must first get parents’ permission to collect data on a child’s geo-location. Geo-location data gathering isa practice used by Web giants Google, Facebook and other firms. The FTC parental consent must be given before websites track children online through cookies and other technologies for purposes outside the operations of the Web site, along with permission for gathering photos and videos that identify a child. Rupert is hoping his tablets will be in classes come Fall, setting the trend for other platforms Schools should consider. Newscorp executive Joel Klein, formerly chief of NY City schools says technology is changing education by helping teachers manage classrooms.

Google, infamous for archiving PRIVATE DATA eternally, has partnered with over 2000K schools, over 20 million students using them. AP, advanced placement, and NWP, National Writing Project, classrooms are already using some form of Tablet. 4 out of 10 students are using them. Proponents are doing the math. 6 out of 10 students aren’t using them translating in to Room For Growth. NYC named the Nanny State for its position on Soda Size, says Tablets would save NY the over $100 million a year that textbooks cost the Big Apple. LA has set aside over $500 million to start by students Tablet. McAllen Texas distributed over 6800 Apple tablets at a cost of $20.5 million.  Eanes Independent School District is distributing iPads, at a cost of $1.2 million, from K-12. Chromebooks has not addressing their invading PRIVACY OF CHILDREN.

Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-La.), said he feels ‘unempowered’ when talking about his daughter possibly accessing an application his teenage son may have downloaded. Cassidy stated the obvious that a parent can monitor a Television show their child is watching but a seemingly age appropriate App “takes you places that look very different.” Apple, through its devices and iTunes stores, collects information about users’ buying habits and location. Google gathers user information to serve up customized ads. Parental concerns about online privacy as students spend more and more time online at school are vindicated.  

Under the radar is what is being taught to students. The Daily Caller reported on a Lumberton High School World Geography teacher told students she was told to change the students perception of ISLAM and teach terrorists are Freedom Fighters using CSCOPE http://www.cscope.us/ an online K-12 curriculum. School girls were told to put on burqas. Class ended with students being told to write a paper “how Egypt was a good country until democracy took over then corrected when the Muslim Brotherhood came in to power.”

CSCOPE curriculum has taught Christianity is a cult paralleling death and insurrection in the story of Osiris, Egyptian God of the Dead. A prior CSCOPE lesson was the Boston Tea Party was an act of Terrorism. CSCOPE calls Republicans lovers of Big Business Over Labor Unions. Democrats are described to spend more tax dollars on education to benefits each individual. Even calling Nazism ‘conservative.’ http://www.cscope.us/faq.html

The reality is with online schooling, as with online contracts, data changes rapidly ,at will of the company, and often rarely being noticed, let alone caught. The case for digital textbooks is being made, whether or not parents like it OR until Parents Seeking Child Privacy speak up. VERY LOUDLY!




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