5 Mar

Remember the days when getting milk was going out to the barn, yanking a teat frothy and warm into a cup, a glass, a bucket, a mouth? Cats? Times have changed. No joking. Was gassing up at SHEETZ, yes, there is Sheetz all over Maryland, I wanted a coffee for the drive back. Poured the coffee. And then? Looked around for the milk. No powdered stuff. No cartoned stuff. And then I spotted it. The modern day cow with options of chocolate, vanilla, almond or whole. Took me a few to figure out how get the milk out of the metal bovine. The metal moo’s teat was white. Ok. Forgive me. I pulled it. Nothing. The metal bar in front of it was the trigger to let the leche flow. Pushed it. And just like the real deal the white jet shot out SIDEWAYS ALL OVER MY HAND AND COAT SLEEVE. Taught me a lesson. Somethings never change. Metal or not… no crying over this missed milk…. just peals of laughter from the side back of Sheetz…

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