4 Mar

You did not win. You lost not on the game but on not being true to yourself. As a businessman you know you are responsible for all decisions made beneath you. You are responsible for your public face. Why didnt you win? You did not do what infomercial pundits selling success do. You did not put forth your Handbook on Success. You did not embrace your wealth and tell people they could do it too AND you would teach them. To play Parallel President is undeserving to the people who set their lives aside so you may win. You want to make your point. Take it from this Old Marketing Dog- do now what you did not do during your campaign- Beck calls it Beck University. You call it Romeny U- and teach people how to make that difference you and I made in our lives- the words every parent wants to hear from their kids- the words late night infomercial salesmen cash in on- YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF. Lead by EXAMPLE rather than taking pot shots from behind. If you do ROMNEY U? I am on board to teach people the baby steps they need to take in order to see who they voted in to office – and need to impeach out. ELECTION OVER.



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