20 Feb

UBERCADES are racing the District in a marketing ploy to bring users on board. Black car convoys are motorcading past embassies complete with American flags flapping in the wind as unsuspecting driver yield to the SUV escorted long black sedan a common site in DC except zipping intersections is done under police escort when dignitaries are enboard REAL motorcades. The RANDOM marketing ploy is surprising unsuspecting UBER USERS. There is a price in for impersonating Federal employees. No word if that extends to MOTORCADES. The promotion was a second PRESIDENTs DAY promotion according to ALEX PRIEST Ubers DC Community manager conceived of by two young UBER employees most likely unfamiliar with a potential infraction of law with potentially serious repercussions. PRIEST made sure to outfit his drivers with Secret Service style earpieces as unsuspecting DC drivers cleared the way for what may turn out to be another regulatory concern for UBER to look into in that UBER drivers are operating in a hack/cab capacity without being licensed by the DC TAXI commission

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