17 Feb

Women For Democracy in America sent out an alert to support Chief Mark Kessler. 

Mark Kessler is a local police chief who does not mince words when it comes to his concerns of the danger of government tyranny. Kessler is Chief of Police of Gilberton Borough Police Department in Pennsylvania is seeking citizens to join with his police department in building a “reserve force” Kessler wants to help his police force if the need arise to resist Federal authorities when it comes to the Second Amendment, quite a statement from a local police chief. Kessler is calling his force the CONSTITUTIONAL SECURITY FORCE.

Kessler, interviewed on  has posted to his website, a call to arms, of support that is “ALERT! Anyone interested in joining a reserve force with the Gilberton Borough Police Department ,contact Chief Kessler immediately for details! Due to our Country’s current situation I’m compelled to form an auxiliary force, DHS ( Department of Home Land Security ) is stock piling ammunition, Stock Piling Machine guns at a alarming rate! I believe we have no choice for what MAY OR MAY NOT happen shortly!, Ask yourself this one question, can you walk into any sporting good store and purchase 22LR, 9mm, 45ACP , 40 caliber,, 5.56/223 , 7.62×51 or 308 ammunition in quantity’s more then a box or two ? (OR ANY AT ALL) if you answer No, ask yourself why ???? I’ll tell you why because the GOVERNMENT is STOCKPILING BILLIONS of rounds of ammunition! (for what ????) even the police can’t get ammo ! DHS has enough weapons and ammo to wage a 30 year GROUND war, ( BUT ON WHO and WHY ) what is wrong with this picture???, Maybe the tyrants want to take as much ammo off the civilian market AS POSSIBLE! either way it’s very disturbing” Kessler’s website is dedicated to the memory of Kessler’s father “a proud Vietnam veteran.”

Former ambassador Ellen Sauerbrey penned an opinion piece asking “Do you recall when then Presidential Candidate Barack Obama said:  “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”  ??

September 13,  2012   FEMA graduated its first class of FEMA Corps Homeland Youth.  FEMA Deputy Administrator Sarino goes on to explain, ‘The new members, who range in age from 18-24 years old, will contribute to a dedicated, trained, and reliable disaster workforce by working full-time for ten months on federal disaster response and recovery efforts.”

Many are asking , “What is the US federal government preparing for? And why does it feel it needs a standing “corps” of American youth, millions of guns, thousands of armored fighting vehicles and literally billions of rounds of ammunition, just to provide relief to the American people during a natural disaster?” Why do we need a small army attached to FEMA? Can’t our police, National Guard, Reserves and Military handle state and national emergencies?!”

Maybe the Administration remembers how America started… by rebellion against oligarchy

Definition of oligarchy (n) · Bing Dictionary


 [ ólli grkee ]   



  1. small governing group: a small group of people who together govern a nation or control an organization, often for their own purposes
  2. entity ruled by oligarchy: a nation governed or an organization controlled by an oligarchy
  3. government by small group: government or control by a small group of people

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