14 Feb

We all see the photos of politicos at the Wailing Wall. Most recently Mitt at the Wailing Wall was flashed so the world could see Mitt likes Jews. As one rabbi said hearing Mormons baptize Jewish dead… at least they arent killing them, so whats to complain about a prayer here and there.

It is the Prayer here and soon to be there, in Israel, that is of concern. Itmar Marcus of Palestinian Watch presented to the RJC, the Republican Jewish Coalition and insight into the teaching tools for arab youth, palestinian being an oxymoron in that we are “all” Palestinians, in that Jews and Christians lived in Palestine long before Arafat packaged “the people” to push Israel in to the sea. Crossword puzzles, TV shows a la (no pun intended) Sesame Street type settings, show kids being taught to kill Jews is good. Summer camps are named for Suicide Terrorists. Soccer Championship Cups are named for them too.

Most interesting and of note, AND OF WARNING HEREWITH, is the video of the Wailing Wall excavations countless visitors to Jerusalem have seen but here and now know the visit by Obama to the Wailing Wall will be seen as a conquest of radical Islam over Jew. Watch the video. Hear the reporter’s excitement conveying how the Wall belongs to Islam. And hear VERY VERY CLEARLY how the war isnt against the Jews… as the expression goes… first comes Saturday, then comes Sunday. This war is against Christians and Jews.

My mind will not cease to take me back to the Smithsonian Institution I tell people about to focus the reality of the sneaking enemy being seen as a sheep not as a wolf it is…. one urn… it flashed Be Wary… and when President Obama stands at the Wailing Wall, know now, is a call to Arms against Christians AND Jews just not history’s fall guy, my tribe


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