8 Feb

This morning I awoke to news the Bush family had been hacked. As my readers know, Copyright Protection and Security is dear to me. Long story but after meeting the Porn King in CA, I resolved even more to make this change come about. The challenge Stephanie from Mel Watts office gave me was ‘you are going to do this alone’ was answered, puzzlingly, ‘why not?’ I came to this country alone, I raised my sons alone, I built a business alone, I was the ground floor for building the first discrete site crime analysis lab on a college campus on the continent (I had a superior BUT… Chief Chapman said it best to me so I sucked that one up- he said, people know and see what you are doing so I finished my task with creds I carry into this conversation.

I face many challenges alone- defending copyright and protecting thefts would be no different. I filed official comments recently that should rattle more than a few COngressional cages. IN THOSE COMMENTS, I adress this isuse. How did the hacking happen? It is simple, Congress got sold a convenient bill of goods by the wolf’s in sheeps clothing they should have known better to not listen to. IN FACT, I petitioned the offices of Joe Barton, Ed Markey and Fred Upton to participate as a seasoned licensor in the annual Congressional Technological briefing by self serving souls. It is what it is. George, Jeb- if I were you I would read my official comments and then take legal action against the Superior person in your provider (sorry Ted but… a girl has got to speak her truth albeit documentable. There goes MY offer to watch a game from the Owner’s box).

I dont talk pretty. I shoot from the hip. When it comes to security and paper trails and presenting POV’s people havent heard before or yet, I come down honest and hard. HACKING THE ACCOUNTS OF A PRESIDENT has consequences that Congress should NOT come down easy on. Guys- let me be blunt…. if it happened to our esteemed President, family and friends…. it WILL (not if) WILL ( I repeat) happen to you.

George and Jeb… put me on the paper trail. Hold Ted’s toes to the fire. Make him take action against the hacker who hacked AOL. Colleagues…

On behalf of our country, I apologize…..


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