7 Feb

The whisper was and is that receiving a Lifetime Achievement award was a kiss of death, a tip off that sooner than later one would end up on the floor feet up heading out in a box. Sadly, some went sooner than others still kicking around and messing in politics. That is what happens it seems when some get old and bored. They stick their finger in the pot, stir, then knock on the nearest door and run so the homeowner gets the bees (not the bees knees). The marvel and curse of science is that technology has solved man’s search for eternity, the Fountain of Youth. It is the Internet which keeps all of us alive forever in Google servers around the world and that when used well, keeps good God people alive. Like Paul Harvey.

I grew up on Paul Harvey. His voice was the weekly or daily Rock of Gibraltar people turned to for moral compassing. Not like the Aussie DJs who publicly shamed a civil servant and got away with it. Paul Harvey got away with being good. Being our constant. So much to the point technology brought him back albeit being licensed to sell a truck. I give his heirs that pass this once.

I was at the White House when Paul received his medal. Always laughed when the President gyrated to wrap his arms around the neck of the recipients. I was so so sad to take his photo. I knew it was the launch of his countdown to immortality. I never could have figured Paul would revive alive at the Superbowl the same one that Beyonce’s booty was credited with knocking out the electic. Woman, THIS man is electric, vibrant. No sparklers, no pyrotechnics, no back up, no hands waving for a 1% who pretends to be a 47%. Paul was too honest. So honest that his words will live one forever. Hands down the best commercial of the Superbowl.There is no debate here to debate E Trade baby v Bar snogging a teenager or a robot kicking man butt or the Budweiser classic..hmmm let me rethink that. Horse. Bud. Farmer…. nah, no brainer. God rules even at the Superbowl, sorta like the Puritans vs Sodom & Gemorrah.. on the 8th day God created the Farmer http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=paul+harvey+commercial+superbowl+youtube&view=detail&mid=2E083DE73CA33DA51CF52E083DE73CA33DA51CF5&first=0&FORM=NVPFVR&qpvt=paul+harvey+commercial+superbowl+youtube


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