7 Feb

I should have guessed when I looked out across the parking roof top lot that seeing the Basilica in the distance was a tip off a Learning Moment was in the making. The Hybrid with the OBAMA sticker on the gas door parked in the handicapped spot without a placard should have been another clue, a moment was in the making. Got to figure this was one of those conservative Facebook moments that should have been but wouldn’t. Thought I left my cell phone at home. That was until my belly rumbled. Darn iphone has been on but not ringing the past few days. A rear ended moment happening again, it seemed. Some moments are meant to be ‘you shoulda been there’ moments this was destined to be. It was the Learning Moment that made my day a zillion dollars.

The elevator ride was a man’s dream- color isn’t an issue when a man gets into an elevator with three brunettes and a red head moreso when he has three legs, a lot of years under his baseball cap that said in embroidered letters PURPLE HEART. Maybe it was my years covering heroes that makes it second nature for me to say ‘that your purple heart or you just trying to look Red, White & Blue.’ I did get my smile. I got my grin and nod and tears when I continued with ‘Thank You For Serving Our Country.’ Ever see a big man go sheepish? That was my smile for my day. Nothing would get better than that, I thought until he said ‘It was tough. It was tough’ as he made for the elevator door opening on Four, cane, right, left, cane, right, left, cane, right, left. Nod of his head, his smile was ear to ear. SOMEONE remembered about God and Country. And him.

The elevator door closed. The three brunettes looked at the red head (moi). One said ‘that was nice of you.’ Door opened rooftop on FIVE. No, I said, noticing the Obama Prius Hybrid Parking Without a Placard in the handicap spot was gone. Figures. I had found my cell phone, wouldn’t life be any other way. Nice of me, I thought, looking out at the Basilica hoping the coven of brunettes learned that heroes are meant not to be forgotten… no, nice of him.


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