19 Jan

The anticipated tsunami of wireless data for Inauguration is of concern to officials. Technology has fast forwarded since Inauguration 2008. It is expected with INSTAGRAM, PINTEREST, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, VIMEO, VIDEO  and OH OH OH NO that the voluminous demands on AT&T will be overwhelming. AT&T wants the public to have the best MEMORY experience of the historic event they have increased mobile broadband capacity by 200% adding high power amplifiers to MALL antennae boosting device access at cell site for faster data travel. AT&T planned for nine temporary cells sites along with additional rooftop antenna sites to ramp up service along the parade route and Mall and at key Metro stations all of which will facilitate boosting wireless capacity in DC permanently ie at Pennsylvania and Constitution Avenueon the Parade route and in 33 buildings, 9 major hotels and two airports part of the more than $815 million in investments AT&T made in the DC since 2009.

AT&T recommendations for cutting congestion are:

TXT: Send text messages whenever possible; texting uses the smallest amount of data

Save, then send: If you are having problems uploading your photos, save, then share them with friends

Use Wifi: AT&T customers have free access to nearly 60 free AT&T WiFi hot spots near the National Mall.  Customers can use these hot spots if they want to get in out of the cold and conduct data-intensive activities, like uploading photos.


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