18 Jan

Three days in the Big Apple and I finally find time to slip away to a second tasting at Magnolia’s Bakery, Upper West Side store.

All the good intention to wait, photograph then eat the cupcake of choice, were shot to hell as the party atmosphere, of the strangers in cupcake common, was enchanting as well as the staff’s friendliness. There is no mistaking where the line begins and ends at Magnolia- starting at the box rack then past the cake decorating station, past the pastel Easter color topped cupcakes, past the seasonal cupcakes- the Hannukah and Christmas trays. Sugar shock in seconds. And a light moment with the pianist Masters student on break from his studies and tests.


Back to Magnolias, where lip locking lovers at the side of the Cupcake decorated christmas tree were either performing appendectomy on each other or deep diving for remaining licks of Magnolia’s delicious cupcakes.

The pianist jazz classical and whatever man, either needs to get out more or maybe it was his sugar high that could be blamed for his buzzing. The store resembles a country store with red velvet ribbons wrapping its poles. T shirts hang behind and above the cash register, colored only in cupcake traditional pink, white, baby and brown. Seems the customers know the drill too well, back of the store – form the line alongside the cupcake holding boxes “audience.” 

 Customers know the drill. To the left, to the left, to the left, left, left.


Three cupcakes made it back to DC with me from NY albeit in different stages of “dress.” Magnolia’s holiday cupcakes, nestled into their special Magnolia box made it back intact with no icing lost to their box while Gristedes Snowman atop an icing mountain cupcake suffered a loss of icing and smushhh. Gristede’s manager’s idea to place their snowman cupcake inside a 12″ cake container was one of those ideas that turns out worse than expected. Mr. Snowman rolled around the container a bit donating some of his snow (icing) to the container. It was funny to watch Gristede’s manager try multiple ways to pack the snowman up. The quart container he thought to originally put the snowman inside of, could not fit around the snowman’s decorations standing wider than the cupcake itself. Three hundred plus miles later, Mr. Snowman was mushed up against the plastic sides of the container leaving a generous amount of Snowman icing there free for the licking.


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