17 Jan

I stood at the stove and lit a candle.

I stood. I watched. The flame it moved left and right. I forgot I had the radio on. The President was on talking at the signing of the executive orders in the East Room. I used to be part of that staged performance grappling for that BEST spot as POTUS entered the room. As the cast filed in behind him. Todays cast of characters included children. Something sacrilegious about using kids for photo ops. I didn’t see his kids there. What happened to level playing fields. Sasha is closest in age. She should have stood with Dad.

I heard the cameras. I am sensitive to the clicks. Those were my buds. But there were so few cameras clicking not the usual volley of cameras clicking off like automatic rifles being shot. Restricted to pool, I guess. Yup. Transparency at your primest. Watch what I do, don’t listen to what I say has become the accepted norm of the current and it seems planned to stay in power administration. 

I looked at my candle flickering as POTUS said DO IT FOR THE KIDS a perfected MAD MEN pitch line for a marketing campaign. This time the campaign being marketed was the Democrats version of Animal Farms FOUR LEGS GOOD TWO LEGS BETTER. Sirens going by. Motorcycles. Judging by the length of the line POTUS was in motion.

My candle stands for something. It stands for someone, my brother. My candle was lit in his memory. He was murdered. Not by bullets but by a bomber on a bus. Are buses the next to be outlawed because they contributed to the death of a mass of 11? I thought about a mother and her family slaughtered in an Israeli border town with guns and knives. Are knives and Israel going to be outlawed next in a mass of 7? I thought about a pregnant woman her foetus cut out from her belly? Knives? Next?

My candle flickered. I watched. At what price the insanity. At what cost humanity. Don’t tell me about saving one life Mr. President. Get it right. The bible says saving one life is like saving the world. Think about the guns that saved lives. Where is the NRA and the Speaker with those stats to counter the abuse of tragedy for theater of activism?

How many guns saved lives? Tell me. I lit a candle. Someone. I am watching my candle flame flicker on the Yartzeit of my brother’s murder.

Maybe next candles will be outlawed too


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