16 Jan

Asbestos test, Radon Gas, Lead in Paint & Dust, First Alert RD1 Radon GasKit, 3M Lead Check Swabs, Water Quality Drinking Water, Carbon Monoxide, Lead Surface DO-IT-YOURSELF test kits are sold on the Internet anywhere from $7.95 and upwards.

I ordered the Asbestos kit to test concrete dust for asbestos. PRO LABs muzak on their phone system says they are number one for the consumer market. Asbestos can be found in buildings pre-dating 1975. The dust I want tested is from a destructed building pre-dated back to 1950. Asbestosis is a growing concern from asbestos inhalation.

 Asbestosis disease, a serious lung inflammation, is caused by inhalation of asbestos fibres that can be inhaled deep into the lungs. Asbestos fibres are pretty indestructible microscopic fibres that flake off. Symptoms don’t show 20-30 years after exposure. Symptoms manifest with shortness of breath, coughing a dry crackling sound while inhaling. There is chest pain, too. The lung tries to defend itself with tryining to destroy the asbestos fibers. The body’s mechanisms cannot break down asbestos. The fibres remain in the lungs causing scarring and inflammation that continues for decades long after the asbestos exposure. The scarring and inflammation stop the oxygen and carbon dioxide from traveling between air sacs in the lung into the blood stream. Breathing gets harder. Asbestos exposure can lead to Mesothelioma.

PRO LABS muzak describes the home kits as environmentally friendly. What arrived a week after I ordered the  kit through AMAZON, the DO IT YOURSELF ASBESTOS TEST KIT was a large box is a cardboard sleeve containing a Ziploc bag, gloves and a preprinted envelope.

The sleeve has printed on it: * Safe and Easy to Use * EPA approved Lab Methods * Detects Hazardous Asbestos

Standard lab results in a week with express service available for Real estate Transactions.

The PRO LIFE sleeve print promotes “Home Safety Test Kits” RATED #1. By whom? PRO-LAB said these kits are sold everyday. The TESTING FEE on the sample the consumer must send in to PROLAB is $30. In a hardware store a customer can read “$30.00 Lab Analysis Fee Required For Standard Lab Results.” On line all a consumer can see is a red bar without discernable text.

Find a lab close to home to you, a consensus of several customers who bought the same item  EMSL Analytical Inc. has 32 labs around the country. Their representative said Asbestos can be positively identified only with a special type of microscope.  It is crucial to have materials tested by an accredited asbestos testing lab like EMSL for definitive analysis. EMSL posts on their site they use the one and only machine to be used testing for asbestos dust- Electron microscopy. 

The  kit is not a DO IT YOURSELF KIT for testing. It is a do it yourself for bagging the sample.  The only doing it yourself is giving your credit details over the phone to order the kit. PROTECT YOUR FAMILY is written on the cover. NO. Protect your wallet. Buy a Ziploc bag. Use dishwashing gloves.


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