13 Jan

Media is quick to cover stories that follow the doctrine IF IT BLEEDS & IT LEADS. Covering a story on a young man guided with faith is his heart made the news in a small way but a big way. The impression Mark Blackwell made upon the present & virtual audience at the FRC Family Research Council is stark. There is a need. Mark is Founder and President of JUSTICE MINISTRIES.

Mark Blackwell & the Honorable Linda Smith founder and President of SHARED HOPE INTERNATIONAL held the podium, Smith reminded me of the woman who trained me in Sexual Deviates & Molestations – physically small but as hard as nails telltale she has seen things she wish she hadn’t  AND even if she could walk away from this mission SHE would not Could not nor does she have enough arms to hug all the girls she finds or cannot find as is often the case with a girl come in off the street Criminalized because the system does not know how to move a pimped out teen from the LOVE of her pimp (she thinks) to the reality that LOVE does not mean sleeping with men for money or bruises if she fails to SHOW her love back to her pimp.

Smith served in congress in 1998. On a trip to India recently in the news for public gang rapes on women Smith traveled to the Brothel District. The visit changed her. Author of RENTING LACY (Lacy being her code name for trafficked girls now number from 1 -….) Smith co-authored the NATIONAL REPORT ON DOMESTIC MINOR SEX TRAFFICKING and the DEMAND REPORT. Smith makes it her job to make this tragedy visible at Congress at National and International forums in print in news interviews and articles. One can only laugh that actress Ashley Judd chose to focus on teaching men in India how to put condoms on bananas rather than become an advocate for girls and women working in brothels. Why not do both with her Hollywood celebrity- advocate against AIDS with her bananas but hug the women victimized.

Blackwell said there isn’t a clear understanding of why girls go off with men or boys they trust who promise them love. Yet he proceeded to tell the tale of a young girl who hung out at a coffee shop where 2 peer boys befriended her before introducing her to the man they fed her details to so he KNEW her when the man engaged the girl in talk. Fact was he knew her vulnerabilities that she was a 14 year old in an unparented home- Dad traveled. Mom? Not around enough to do mom stuff with her daughter. Offered love the girl took it and a ride that changed her life from innocent into prostitute.

Earlier in the Q&A I raised the reality that girls go off with men that make them feel special and love. The road to Human Trafficking starts in the crib long before the girl goes off. The wander towards men that prostitute trust starts with lack of esteem. Believe you me it isn’t just in 14 year old girls it is in adult woman who lack the filter to discern between a date with a man of good intentions and a date ending with everything the woman wants to hear leading to a night of lust. Funny thing about the word lust. Its anagram is slut. Not intentional. Just wanting to be loved.

What is the difference between human trafficking and PUTTING OUT ON A DATE? A matter of degrees and dollars. Be it the legislator in a bad marriage. Or the man a month out from divorce with his financial world collapsing. Or the hero asked all the right questions giving all the conveniently right answers when soon after intuition proved correct. It is a matter of a Bully seeking Power. Or a loser seeking Life he knows he isn’t worthy of.

Mark is needing donations. Mark is trafficking too but not humans. Mark is selling bricks. Looking for connections. Leads. Doors open to Law enforcement.

I told Mark I will introduce point him in the direction of the FOP and to the door of the Church up the street where every year in & around NATIONAL LAW ENFORCEMENT WEEK 14 levels of Law Enforcement gather at St Pats for Blue Mass at the corner of Hope and Despair- G Street & 10 kitty corner to  Madame Tussauds across the street from the MLK Library butting up to 9th street where the homeless gather for free computer time.

For the price of a dinner called a date a human is trafficked trading sex for dinner with a man whose eyes are on prospects he doesn’t disclose. Teenager or Adult. The road to HOPEFUL is filled with despair. The difference is the dollar and dependency and ability to escape on a road to somewhere. Salvation one hopes is never too late. Salvation? Self esteem. Finding worth in ones self



  1. Rick January 13, 2013 at 2:01 am #

    A sad and all too often tale told in whispers with downcast eyes, nervous twitching and hands clasping in a vain attempt of offering each other comfort. Yes I’ve seen this first hand and was sickened and felt the need to help in some small way. I’ve bought a warm meal and a moment out of the lonely cold offering simple contact with another human without expectation of favors returned.. It seemed such a small thing for me to do, yet it was monumental for her……… Well done my friend well done…….

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