13 Jan

Sometimes what is old is new again. The postcard left of the coffee shop stall said FREE PREVIEW TO THE POWER OF KABBALAH describing the power within to create the LIFE WE WANT words that imitate those said by Deeprak Choprah Marianne Williamson even the big O. Smile the other one four times his width. The LA Center incarnated by a used car salesman turned mystical believer ask readers to consider KABBALAH as “the key that unlocks all the mysteries of life, the secret code that governs the univers… an incredible system of logic and precise technology that will completely change the way you view your life.” OK. Why not. The world has embraced Scientology Christian Science Monitor Practitioners Mormonism plus. After all if the FREEDOM is FREEDOM OF RELIGION & FREEDOM OF SPEECH then why not Freedom to create a religion.


Either which way wouldn’t ya know it PRE INAUGURATION the religionistas are coming to town at the WASHINGTON COURT HOTEL on New Jersey Avenue Monday the 14th at 7:00. Hopefully a Rabbi or two who can unteach the acceptance that Madonnas pushed way of READING Hebrew letters by holding your fingers over them will be untaught… as a SOFERET a woman scribe I will tell you first hand the only way anyone ever read Hebrew letters with their eyes closed was when I made VERY VERY deep etchings in to linoleum blocks. Otherwise… cough COUGH cough… especially with it being pre-pre-inauguration week BARNUM & BAILEY have come to town…. Hmmm does anyone remember anymore who they are? The circus people before FELD took over… OMG not only have my tribe taken over WALL STREET as purported… we have taken over the circus too…. Past election included



 Kabbalah Center, described as a cult by Madonna Ciconne Ritchies father-in-law, John, father of husband Guy, film producer ‘Swept  Away’ starring Madonna, registered ownership of their new London location, June 30, 2003, rumored purchased for L3.65 million by Madonna. Land Register records KabbalahCenter as owner with ‘price being deliberately withheld for commercial reasons’ said spokesperson for Land Registry. The Kabbalah Center, locations worldwide, incorporated October 29, 1998, registered as a UK Charity March 10, 2000, its object “ TO ADVANCE THE JEWISH RELIGION IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PRINCIPLES OF KABBALAH FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE PUBLIC,” area of benefit “not defined”, who “general public/mankind”, what “education training/ religious activities”, how “providing services eg.

Care/counselling/advocacy/advice/information” in “England and Wales”, reporting fiscal year ending December 31, 2001, total expenditure of £267,921 from its gross income of £322,287.  Annual 2002 return is overdue. Annual 2003 return, due May 1, 2003, remains unreported.

Madonna, is reported asking to be adressed by her Hebrew name Esther, assigned by Rabbi Berg, a pivotal name in Jewish history, with an annual ceremonious holiday,  dedicated to the heroine’s honor. Esther, a young woman, plucked from crowds for her outstanding beauty was made Queen to the Aryan king Ahasverosh, revealing her Jewishness, only when reported to the King, her brother, Mordecia, overheard two courtiers planning  to kill him.  Esther’s selfless request to the King’s gratitude was saving the Jewish people from persecution and annihilation. There is a long standing Jewish tradition of adopting names possessing characteristics the person aspires, often in the case of ill or dying people accepting the name ‘chaya’ or ‘chayim’, to invite a longer, healthier life. The Center’s philosophies, Obadiah, Kabbalah correspondent, says, pointing themed bouquets of sunflowers, inspiration to celebrate Astrological sign Leo and jewish new month Av, are unaffiliated with traditional Judaism. 

For a coupla shekels I can be convinced to tell the tale of the day the Center knocked on my door. It wasnt to convert me. It was to convince me to sell my toney flat….


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