12 Jan

It has never been my intention to figure things out. It just happens. Some say it is the adjunct of being a snapper. I attribute it to playing MEMORY with my boys when they were boys not men. I would remember what card I picked up & where I put the card back down.

The morning the District held its Department wide INAUGURATION walk through  I met with UBER AWESOME DIVA over at DC Taxi Commission. She is a towering woman. Don’t misunderstand. Towering is a good word. Her skill is being adept & very feminine at negotiating her lobby filled with men wanting laws they broke repealed. I guess we can say this UBER DIVA is the TAXI COMMISSION MOM a DC DIVA IN A GREAT WAY. She deals with licensing.

We looked together at photos of the cab. We looked at the police report. Ever hear of a District approved cab driver license for a ONE NAME MAN in this case MOE? Ummm. I like officers. I will move forward. The officer didn’t pick up on the verbal clues SIR I AM NOT SEEING THE HACK DRIVERS LICENSE PROMINENTLY DISPLAYED ON HIS VISOR OR SEATBACK AS REQUIRED BY DC LAW. The officer didn’t pick up that car color of one car ONLY on one car is a tip off there is hanky panky going on. The officer his manager said had been on the streets too long NOT the assurance one wants to hear in a heated political climate a month out from Obamas second installation.

The fun began when the two chicks put their heads together. We called the number on the side of the hack. Tony answered. It was MOEs number. Tony said he didn’t know MOEs last name or know MOE or when MOE was coming back or…. You get the picture. TONY didn’t know much (ahem) MO. That was when we called back & then the TAXI UBER MOM called. Deal was to vet the address. I took the CHICK OATH to not exit the car if things looked dodgy. Things looked dodgy so drive by fuzzy wobbly cell phone pics showed there was NO MOE at the address on the official DC Taxi issued license. There was a huge TONY larger than life on a signboard for an auto body shop next to the auto body shop where Moe supposedly was. But wasn’t.

Small world that it is a few days later someone else knew of Tony. Didn’t know of Moe. A few weeks later this someone else said they saw a difference from the NO MOE escapade. You see the morning TAXI UBER MOM and I sat together we confirmed the hack driver was not licensed to drive a cab in the District of Columbia yet he was yet the MPDC officer given the opportunity to remove this man driving innocent people in the streets in a cab he rented for a day or a week or longer from MOE- messed up. MPDC cant afford security messups a month .out from the INAUGURATION. Not now. Not ever.

The second a cab was involved in the accident the officer should have IMMEDIATELY called DC Taxi Commission officers to vet the HACK LICENSE & the DRIVER LICENSE. He did not. DC Taxi Commission officers would have come to where the HACK was stopped Vetted the driver & in this case taken both the Driver & Cab off the streets.

This is DC. This is a world POST 9/11. This is a racially charged climate under a president who promised transparency. THIS WAS A BOO BOO waiting to happen. Oh I am not making friends with the current DC TAXI COMMISSIONER. That is ok in that there was no answering my rebuttal he is not getting the word down to the officers on the street how to work WITH not AGAINST the DC TAXI officers. Talking with top level administration is NOT the same as talking to each & every officer especially as the MPDC management said there are cops on the street TOO LONG. Now how is that going to translate in to apologies if something goes wrong & innocents suffer. I happen to be a fan of the prior DC TAXI COMMISSIONER. He did his job TOO well the current DC MAYOR did not want him on board a beleaguered under constant challenges since taking over for Mayor Fenty the mayor I coached not to touch his face or head when photographers are around.

It was nice to hear from THE SOMEONE they witnessed a hack stopped in DC with both MPDC & DC TAXI officers at the hack. There is a reality about doing a good job that shows through your revelation paid employees are not doing their job. You may not make friends. You for sure wont get a public thank you. You for sure will get the cold shoulder I got the other day over at the FIREHOOK BAKERY outside MPDC headquarters. That is ok KARMICALLY I guess. Someone may live to see another day. Maybe I saved a teenager from rape as did happen in an UBER car. It WAS  ALREADY KNOWN cab owners rent their cabs for cash. OMG OMG OMG. HOW MUCH MONEY WAS SPENT ON SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING the pitch line floated on Air In print Online on Government websites in the Metros plus. As the rising cost of regulation increases the costs of driving a legal cab while decreasing revenue, UBER might end up becoming more of the norm rather than the old normal of licensed drivers who answered to rules. UBER drivers arent out of this world. They are human or less than, too, recalling the reports circulating blogs telling of an UBER driver who raped his passenger- a young girl early in her teens. A second story emerged of a 35 year old UBER driver from Alexandria. Anouar Habib Trabelsi drove a woman who had been drinking and smoked a joint prior to climbing in Trabelsi’s car. Trabelsi dropped her off, she thought. He parked his car then followed her. Raped her. UBERs official word is the driver hasnt drive since “We have worked closely with the police and prosecutors investigating this incident and will continue to help them in any way possible” said Rachel Holt UBERs DC manager.

Smart meters taking credit card payments didnt make it in to cabs. In a world of handheld credit card data capture, who needs meters after all. UBER wont need credit card capturers for their unlicensed drivers. IF I hadn’t connected the dots to all my contacts from street level to THE TOP… I can only imagine. At least now there is one less opportunity for a problem. Do yourself a favour…. If you don’t see the drivers license displayed WALK and for sure until UBER drivers are licensed and trackable DON’T WALK RUN

And OH… YOU ARE WELCOME MR PRESIDENT. It may be this Conservative girl that saved your day


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