12 Jan


I have to ask if THE SPIELBERG is staging the Inauguration if not the election. It all is just going TOO HOLLYWIERD for me. TWO swearing ins… one for the CHOSEN peeps Sunday JANUARY 20th. The OTHER  for the regular PEEPS the LES MIS masses I guess one could word play. At the US Capitol Mr. OBAMA will be stacking bibles if not decks using a BIBLE said to belong to PRESIDENT LINCOLN on the other a bible that belonged to MLK III as the memorial is called not REV DR MARTIN LUTHER KING JR as stated in the press release irony being THERE IS NO MENTION OF GOD in Mr Kings MEMORIAL a detail one would expect for this lasting testimony to this man of faith. Details aside the Memorial was a Chinese import. OMG why did we not see it then as a sign of the binding of forces Mr OBAMA was working towards back when with solidifying trader with CHINA while Americans were losing jobs here at home.

The JANUARY 20th bible is from MRS OBAMAs family not from the family of the PRESIDENT still challenged to be of the MUSLIM FAITH. Small thing to have used HIS MOMs Bible or her UNCLES Bible or even a Bible from his newly minted square peg IRISH CONNECTION made fit the round hole of the gold ring IRISH CONNECTION that secured presidencies for Reagan Kennedy and others.

Hollywood scripting the second inauguration is on the FEDERAL HOLIDAY devoted to MARTIN LUTHER KING. Coincidental maybe to news the tourism bookings are down half from INAUGURATION attendance one? Just a little marketing moment tidbit that THERE IS ALWAYS ONLY EVER ONE FIRST IMPRESSION especially in a recession where BEEN THERE DONE THAT matters to a family counting coins moreso when the reality of NOT RAISING taxes just hit with citizens wondering where that deducted money they need to put food on the table just went. The irony of the official statement from the PRESIDENTIAL INAUGURAL COMMITTEE cannot be lost. “On the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington and 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, this historic moment is a reflection of the extraordinary progress we’ve made as a nation.”

A few weeks earlier OBAMA hosted a screening at the WHITE HOUSE with LINCOLN director Obama re-election camoaign supporter STEVEN SPIELBERG & CAST. Mr OBAMAs OFFICIAL photographer PETE SOUZA released the photo of DANIEL DAY LEWIS star of LINCOLN looking at a COPY of the GETTYSBURG ADRESS in the WHITE HOUSE under a portrait of LINCOLN on the WALL. The morphed image of OBAMA in to LINCOLN cannot be overlooked. Now how the heck is MADAME TUSSAUDS going to change history of their waxed images of the two men. Ahhh. Follow REV AL SHARPTONs blurt that MR OBAMA should be on MOUNT RUSHMORE…. Hmm who do you think AL should be removed. And should the carving include the ‘if I had a son he would be like Trayvon’ too. Listen. Seems that DAY LEWIS isnt an original thinker stealing WITHOUT CREDIT from conservative CLINT EASTWOODS brilliant empty chair scene stealer at the RNC copying CLINTs moment at the BRITANNIA AWARDS saying “I have to say that I’m so extremely grateful and glad that — taking time out of his very busy schedule, the recently reelected president of this country has made it here” he pointed at the empty seat on stage near him.

“Lincoln” is one of the year’s biggest Oscar contenders. ANGELS IN AMERICA script writer & for LINCOLN too Tony Kushner said he sees similarities between POTI 16 & 44.  LINCOLN cleaned up at the OSCAR nominations when films like ARGO & ZERO DARK THIRTY did not. Sad. It is the way the PR arm for Hollywood is driving their anti military agenda. Curious was SLEEPING IN THE LINCOLN BEDROOM on the block for the clean sweep we expect to see of LINCOLN at the O for OSCARs which might just become O for OBAMA. Curious WHO is getting what special access INAUGURATION DAY. Curious if DARRELL ISSA will be watching the GATE TICKER at the WH post INAUGURATION 2. AND MOST CURIOUS OF ALL….will the WHITE HOUSE force upon HOLLYWOOD the same weapons ban they are planning to force upon AMERICANS. Will ION TV have to cut down on its BACK TO  BACK programming of MURDER by innovation as ghoulish & gruesome as HOLLYWOOD can make it. Will TOM CRUISE have to apologize before CONGRESS for his JACK REACHER movies that are losing buck despite adding bang.

And will people actually stop and READ THE GETTYSBURG address to the right of Mr. LINCOLN at his Memorial if it isn’t sent to them by PDA of choice…. Grousing I know. I am curious if Michelle is wary of KERRY WASHINGTON being around O. You know since life imitates ART…after all Kerrys character is shagging her POTUS…. Love you Kerry… grin… back to Bibles… stacking Bibles does not make a man holier than thou….

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