10 Jan

A man I know can trace his family back to the Templars and the Magna Carta. He was WOW’d I could not trace my family back beyond the Holocaust. I don’t know who is better off- he or me. I understand each day I live is groundbreaking in that I don’t have a path backwards to mirror. He lives in the past. 

Today I got a LIFEline. Maybe. I don’t know my families names as they were in Europe. Something about Ellis Island Immigration officers. They had this thing about being God. My dads dad landed a Kravitz. They gave him Goldberg the name of the man who picked him up as he crossed in to the New World.

The INTERNATIONAL RED CROSS withheld letters of families looking for family & friends for 60 years after the Liberation. Life mirroring art. Karmic isn’t it CBS 60 MINUTES busted out the secret archive of the German Holocaust names of 17.5 million victims of the Holocaust SIXTEEN MILES of FIFTY MILLIONS of documents on shelving g in the German town of BAD AROLSEN off limits to people like me wanting to know who I am and where I came from- Thinkers Artists Inventors or like. Am I the only me or am I like someone before me. It was only in 2012 the German government agreed to open the archives showing the insane meticulousness of record keeping the NAZIS kept on people- 6 million Jews 20 million Russians 10 million Christians & 1900 Priests- they were disposing of- details eerily reflecting the details of the Internet data gathering of private citizens- private citizens the NAZIS murdered Massacred Raped Burned Starved & humiliated while the world looked everywhere but at…. The MYTH that Iran calls the holocaust is a truth


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