10 Jan

The National Gallery of Art presented in their East Building Symposium  the seventy first season of the William Nelson Cromwell and F Lammot Belin 2920 concert featuring SOPRANO Tone Elisabeth Braaten FLUTIS & ARTISTIC DIRECTOR Andreas Sonning COMPOSER & NARRATOR with members of the National Gallery of Art Orchestra per Kristian Skalstad CONDUCTOR & VIOLINIST. The evening honoring the 150th anniversary of the birth of EDVARD MUNCH was sponsored by the ROYAL NORWEGIAN EMBASSY (1863 – 1944 )

The program was presented in two segments. The first segment was devoted to music of Norway. The post intermission segment honoring MUNCH was backdropped with art of MUNCH artfully presented flowing in & ebbing with poetic artfully chosen words. It wasnt THE SCREAM the Munch everyone knows. It was- The VOICE/Summer night. EYE TO EYE/Attraction. SEPARATION. WOMAN/Sphinx/The Dance of Life. THE KISS. LOVE & PAIN/Vampire. MADONNAs world premiere performance-  women & men & love & a redhead with supple breasts & swollen hips. I only can wonder (not) why the composer sought me out top walkway during the intermission. I shared I abandoned my seat. The woman next to me chewing me out for texting PRE concert was listening to the REDSKINS GAME on her radio. I KID YOU NOT! Headset on- REDSKINS. Handheld radio- the NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART gone NORWEGIAN. The notes said THE USE OF CAMERAS or RECORDING EQUIPMENT DURING THE PERFORMANCE IS NOT ALLOWED. Nothing said about radios though Cell phones Pagers & other electronic devices were to be turned off. 

MUNCHs childhood was impoverished. His mother & favorite sister died impacting his life. He enrolled at the ROYAL SCHOOL OF ART & DESIGN OF CHRISTIANIA studying under JULIUS MIDDELTHUN & CHRISTIAN KROHG after having enrolled in technical school studying Physics Chemistry & Math. MUNCH journaled his soul searching reflected in his art. SICK CHILD his break from IMPRESSIONISM came from his sister dying. His life reflected his troubles- inner- not financial. Financial success started to come a decade later- under the watchful friendship of FREDERICK DELIUS & EVANGELINE HOPE MUDDOCK the violinist. MUDOCCI the stage name of MUDDOCK was MUNCHS MUSE… THE BROOCH . SALOME . VIOLIN LESSON . Much more to MUNCH than MADNESS… MUNCH more…


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