8 Jan

The FRC Family Research Council sent out notice HOBBY LOBBY faces $1.3 million dollars per day for refusing to provide to employees the early abortion Morning After Pill coverage (known as PLAN B Mr. Speaker) as mandated by OBAMACARE. HOBBY LOBBY is a Christian family-owned American business. Already facing $10.4 million dollars in fines the HOBBY LOBBY fines can grow to topping a half a billion dollars. LIKE the Green Family at FRCs SUPPORT HOBBY LOBBY Facebook campaign page. Keep an eye on the irony President OBAMA is announcing Americas annual observance of NATIONAL RELIGIOUS FREEDOM DAY on January 16. The Greens stance while steeped in faith is a shot across the bow for ALL AMERICAN businesses especially in light of BANK OF AMERICAs step to freeze bank accounts of entrepreneurs BANK OF AMERICA objects to ie gunowners. BANK OF AMERICA froze the account of AMERICAN SPIRIT ARMS according to owner Joe Sirochman. OBAMA gave his acceptance speech a BANK OF AMERICA stadium in Charlotte North Carolina

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