7 Jan

12/21/12 President Obama adressed Newtowns slaughtered innocence. WEST WING WEEK the White House Blog also called YOUR DAILY SNAPSHOT e-blasted at 12:36 pm the WHITE HOUSE response to petitions on WE THE PEOPLE platform the WH cited asking the Administration to take action to reduce gun violence in our country. The President recorded his video message on gun violence reduction.

January 7, the first day of the new week of the New Year, 2013, at 11:52 am The WHITE HOUSE e-blasted FROM THE ARCHIVES. The feature of the archive was MARSHMALLOW CANNON celebrating the White House crossing 100,000,000 views of the WH youtube channel looking back at raw footage of President Obama LAUNCHING a marshmallow cannon at the WHITE HOUSE SCIENCE FAIR. The closing tag… IN CASE YOU MISSED IT

January 4 former SPEAKER PELOSI released a statement naming Task Force Vice Chairs for the GUN VIOLENCE PREVENTION TASK FORCE chaired by Rep Mike Thompson. Thompson said the vice chairs bring “unique” ideas “to reduce and prevent gun violence while also protecting the rights of law-abiding individuals without a history of dangerous mental illness to own legitimate firearms for legitimate purposes.”

No statement was made adressing Mexico’s decision to take toy guns away from children. No statement was made adressing Virginia elementary school students playing cops and robbers with fingers. No statement was made adressing the First Ladys program to reduce weight in school children or if banning marshmallows is next on the WHITE HOUSE agenda or if marshmallows will be replaced with bullets eligible for sale for science fair purposes… only…



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