7 Jan

Days after former New York governor Eliot Spitzer CLIENT 9 announced he ended his progressive television show he hosted on Al Gores CURRENT TV news it was reported AL JAZEERA signed a 15 year lease to establish their DC BUREAU AION Partners & CARLYLE GROUPS 47K square foot space at 1200 New Hampshire Avenue. Former President George H Bush and his Secretary of State James Baker III served as advisors to the firm. Carlyle principle David Rubenstein representing Carlyle Group purchased the MAGNA CARTA [ 1 of 17 ] from NYCs SOTHEBY AUCTION HOUSE for $21.3 million which was paid to the PEROT FOUNDATION. Rubenstein said he would give his copy for display at the NATIONAL ARCHIVES.

Spitzer forever known as the teenage Lolitas client who kept his socks on had appeared in an odd hearing Valentines Day chaired by Ed Markey. That night Spitzer romped calories away at the Mayflower Hotel well chosen for its association with the Mayflower Madam. No. Not the madams that came over on the Mayflower. Spitzer said CURRENTS mission moving forward under Al Jazeera will be different with no mention the QATAR owners of the new CURRENT… the CURRENT QATAR(?) or the QATAR CURRENT (?) frown [ publicly ] on sexual escapades by men with women other than their wives leading to speculation QATAR CURRENT might be Shariah compliant or funded with a SHARIAH compliant financial institution as was the QATAR construction on New York Avenue in downtown DC blocks from the WHITE HOUSE. No mention if at issue is Spitzer being Jewish.

Spitzer reportedly said journalism helped him continue what he tried to do in government without mention specifically of the bizarre Valentines Day hearing coincidental to the night Spitzer rendezvoused with the young… lady. Possibly Spitzer was doing homework on HUMAN TRAFFICKING in that the young… lady… traveled interstate.. technically NOT since DC is not a state it is a DISTRICT fighting for statehood. Score one technicality for THE SPITZER it appears his legal team did not think of ( doh).

Qatar had been trying to enter the US market since the RNC convention in New York City Madison Square Gardens. Time Warner is currently contemplating affiliating with QATAR  a change of politics it seems. The reported hurdles AL JAZEERA must overcome are said to be license fees and what Americans think about the channel. Possibly the hurdle is what departing AL JAZEERA staff are saying about the channel [ prior posting QATAR PLAYS AMERICA ]

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