5 Jan

They say everything old is new again. Truth. Or when jawing about Al Gore everything old is a Convenient Truth again. Back when Al testified Hill House & Senate about Climate warning, I wrote a piece that was later sent forward to Climate Depot, a Truther when it came to Climate warning Al Gore was hyping globally. Yes, Tipper the Dipper was still with him. It was a matter of time either she would implode or he would explode. Seems both happened. Marc Morano was a former key staffer of Senator Jim Inhofe a continual terrier to Al Gore’s tall tales…

I thought it timed well to bring this piece out of the archives now that Al has cashed in on those green from the sale of CURRENT to Qatar. You do know Al Gore is on the advisory boards of both Apple and Google. Do take a moment to look for me recent posting QATAR PLAYS AMERICA. Of course, there is more to the story…… wink. Isnt there always? Love to be in the committee room when Issa Investigates takes a peek at the Convenient Truths of Al Gore…



There is something to be said about the Internet. Convenient truths post in perpetuity. Wikipedia, not known for always getting information right, disseminates some of that virtual legend that in time becomes accepted as lore then lingers, virtually, forever after.

A Wikipedia posting stated Al Gore’s Live Earth was held on the Mall in Washington DC. Not quite. Smithsonian’s annual Folklife Festival took place on the Mall. Gore’s Live Earth did not. The former Vice president and CEO of Live Earth snuck his one act semblance of Live Earth into the National Museum of the American Indian’s Mother Earth day lineup planned held in the distant shadow of the nation’s Capitol building. Testifying twice in the Capitol on the same day, once in the House, once in the Senate, Gore, despite his prior application for a West Lawn Live Earth concert denied by legislators, Gore, salesman setting the green world afire, was determined to have his way. An environmental personification of Robert Preston’s character in The Music Man with his convincing audiences invisible carbon credits can be measured, weighed, bought and sold, of the many facts disclosed in his Capitol Hill testimony, few recall disclosures carbon credits he brokers benefit his partnership with Native Energy, LLC. Being a Native American owned has perks. Benefitting partners, even non Native American partners.

The described stealth presidential candidate for 2008 has had a bang up year. The Nobel Peace Prize committee announced the former Tennesseean ½ a Nobel Peace winner for his “efforts to build up and disseminate greater knowledge about man-made climate change” and laying foundations “for the measures that are needed to counteract such change.” Being ½ a Nobel Peace laureate was less of the icing on Gore’s cake than he thought.  Albert Arnold Gore Jr. stood inside the Oval Office alongside other American Nobel Peace Prize recipients in a grip and grin with the man who beat him in the 2000 presidential race, Republican President George Bush. Gore’s appearance in the Oval Office was less about the prize. Speculation is it was sweet revenge, the speculation being fueled by Gore and Tipper failing to join in the Swedish embassy’s symposium for Peace Prize’s American winners earlier that same day. Departing the White House compound, the former resident of Number One Observatory Circle, the Vice President’s residence, was humbled as a man. Life is karmic. Al’s limo failed to pick him and Tipper up, on time, forcing the couple to walk Washington’s version of a paparazzo gauntlet, a half a dozen White House credentialed press striving for a, questionable, money shot of Hollywood’s newest Golden Child.

Gore’s documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” had won 18 awards including an Oscar, becoming the 4th highest grossing documentary behind Michael Moore’s “Sicko.” With Al’s accolades, came big bucks from merchandising his celebrity heavy event with TV specials, DVD, downloads allegedly benefited Gore’s nonprofit advocacy group Alliance for Climate Protection with profits from his book and movie.

The country boy, turned eco-speculator, created cool buzz phrases like “carbon credits” now common to the American vernacular. Hollywood’s newest darling brought together more than 100 music artists cross-continentally trumpeting his call for Greening America by performing on his Live Earth concert broadcast from Rio de Janeiro, London, Sydney, Johannesburg, Tokyo, Shanghai, Hamburg, Germany and New Jersey. Later, Live Earth the concert was sold on to television as a special. There was only one place Gore appeared going deeper. It wasn’t politics. It was deeper into show business pockets. At the day’s end, Gore’s global warming franchise used blinding star power to distract the public eye from politics of depth. With revenue streaming into Live Earth LLC, Alliance for Climate Protection, The Climate Project, all Al Gore companies, there was only one place left Gore wanted, consequences aside, Washington DC, for his day in the Live Earth sun. And he got it, sorta, delivered with the Smithsonian Institution trademark logo sealing the deal.

Gore marketed his truth.  Mother Earth day in DC, the former Vice President appeared on the National Museum of American Indian stage. The Museum’s directors trusted Gore, it seems. Merriam Webster’s Dictionary says trust is “assured reliance on the character, ability, strength or truth of someone or something,” or “being in accordance with the actual state of affairs,” something that is “truthful.” Middle English in origin, it means true, treowe. Gore’s push to popularize greening as a lifestyle, challenged a public unsure how to trust.

7-7-07, Al Gore connected Live Earth to the NMAI, National Museum of the American Indian’s Mother Earth stage in Washington DC. Gore, the Vice President to Bill Clinton’s 45th President of the United States, withheld from global warming politics a convenient untruth he knew. Vice Presidents of the United States of America become Regents on the Board of the Smithsonian Institution. Gore, while a Regent on the Smithsonian Board, shared in the Institution’s decision making including appointments to the Smithsonian advisory Boards, legislative initiatives, program developments planning documents, approving the Institution’s budgets, proposed new programs and more. The Smithsonian Institution, part of the United States national identity, is the world’s largest museum complex. It was established by an Act of Congress. The second generation Senator knew by presenting Live Earth on Mother Earth’s stage, a government supported property, he would potentially complicate the fiduciary relationship between Congress and the Native American Museum, resulting in possible investigation by government and a loss of their funding.

The Smithsonian Institution is a non-profit born out of the bequest of James Smithson. It was established in 1846 through monies left, in 1829, by Smithson an eccentric English scientist enamored with the United States, to establish a public trust for “the increase and diffusion of knowledge.” A public trust is “something (as property) held by one party (the trustee) for the benefit of another (the beneficiary),” the idea being within the public lies the power and future of society hence officials must respect the trust people place in them. The Smithsonian Institution expanded over the years. By the late 1980’s, Republican Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell along with Hawaiian Senator Daniel Inouye introduced Senate and House bills leading to the creation of the National Museum of the American Indian.

March 22, 2007, Al Gore, at one point holding his book “An Inconvenient Truth for impact, told both House and Senate committees the American people are behind his efforts to save the earth. He said a petition of 500,000 names supported his cause. The Census Bureau reported the US population at 301,139,947 in July. Half a million names is a drop in the US citizenry bucket.

California’s Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer inspired by Gore’s pledge to save the Earth promised the Senate Environment committee would work on Gore’s initiatives. Gore supporter Amy Klobuchar drank her morning coffee from a Styrofoam cup. Senator Inhofe, Ranking Member of the Environment and Public Works Committee, challenged Gore to take a “Personal Energy Ethics Pledge” promising to consume no more energy than the average American household. Gore refused to take the pledge. Tipper Gore sat behind her husband drinking from a Capitol Hill provided plastic water bottle. Her husband’s request for a permit allowing him to hold his Live Earth concert on the West Lawn of the Capitol was denied.Twice.

Gore’s first Capitol permit application was denied by the National Park Service. The Park’s department receives over 6,000 applications each year. Anna Godfrey secured her permit for the West Lawn August 2006. Anna said God came to her in a vision, 2004, speaking of what He wanted done on earth- no more division, no more separatism, wanting Together One Unity, the name she gave her cause. God told Anna he wanted TOU launched 07-07-07, “God’s number of completion,” 7, “the beginning of togetherness, oneness and unity.” Godfrey allegedly said she might have joined Gore’s event to hers, mandated “from God Himself,” if Gore asked. Gore didn’t.

Gore’s second application request was bi-partisan. Senate majority Leader Harry Reid and Republican Sen. Olympia Snow proposed to allow Live Earth to be held on the West Lawn of the Capitol, suggested attendance- 200,000 to 500,000 people. Their proposal stalled. It was assumed Live Earth would not have a nation’s Capitol presence on Gore’s choice of day.

Whispers there would be a DC presence for the concert began in the 24 hours before Live Earth launched.

Somewhere around 6:00am, the crowd of over 200 began assembling, waiting, in the merciless sun for Al Gore to speak. The 24 hour day of Native American songs was free. Caseloads of plastic bottled water were dollied past the crowd on to the terrace of the National Museum of Indians. As the heat increased, individual bottles were distributed amongst the crowd. Somewhere around 10:30am Gore came out trailed by Garth Brooks and Trisha. Tickets at other venues were $195 and upwards, promoted as donations. The answer why the 24 hour day of Native American songs was free is simple.  Planned events at the Museum must conform to the Smithsonian and NMAI policies Mission and Goal. Rules addressing NMAI special events, co-sponsored by the NMAI and donor/organization, state “No co-sponsored events may be held which 1. charge admission fees except under special conditions; 2. collect donations.”

Gore’s co-partnering with NMAI to make Mother Earth day part of Live Earth, to spite his two failed permit applications, should not be a surprise. Gore’s contentiousness with the Smithsonian is of record, battling behind the scenes against the Board of Regents’ choice of Michael Heyman, a lawyer from the Clinton Administration as its 10th leader. NMAI director Tim Johnson a Mohawk, introduced Gore and Garth, preceded by Mother Earth day guest hosts Henrietta Mann, PHD of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes of Oklahoma and Katsi Cook, an Akwsasne Mohawk nation midwife. Trisha and Garth played one song. Then left with Gore. So did the crowds.

Across the Museum patio from where the Navajo “Trail of Tears” was screening all weekend, Al Gore said, “The calvary didn’t ride to the rescue, the American Indians did,” words that could inflame a wound long festering between the Native American community and the White Man who settled their America centuries earlier. The Museum may be penalized for its hospitality to the man standing tall in his cowboy boots.

The National Museum of American Indians is supported by Federal Appropriations “by the trust resources of the Smithsonian Institution and by the generosity of its donors.” Organizations offering a substantial unrestricted donation to the NMAI are invited to celebrate the gift by co-sponsoring a special event at the Museum, “jointly commemorating their collaboration.” 7.7.07 at the NMAI was a co-sponsored Live Earth/ Mother Earth program. Speaking Program rules state “Should a guest speaker(s) be included as part of the event, the speaking program and/or topic must be non-partisan in nature.” Compliance with this requirement is regulated. “Each speaker’s name and topic must be submitted in writing to the Museum’s Office of Special Events at least 6 weeks prior to the event for approval.”

Tim Johnson, the Museum director was not listed in earlier promotional materials of the event lineup as a speaker though present on stage that day. There is a reason. Rules require the NMAI Director or designee act as the event co-host. Reflecting back to the requirement of 6 weeks notice of speaker’s name and topic to the Museum’s Office of Special Events? It was at the 11th hour Gore’s appearance in a Live Earth event at the Museum on the Mall was publicly announced. Literature distributed by NMAI staff to media and attendees was last minute colored Xeroxed with Gore’s Live Earth logo and trademark emblazoned prominently alongside the NMAI sunburst logo registered to the Smithsonian Institution even though rules state: “The trademark or logotype of a donor organization may not be placed on the invitation.” “Any use in the connection with the event of the trademark or logo of the donor/organization must be approved in advance in writing by the NMAI,” facilitated through the NMAI Office of Special Events.

This could not have been a last minute concert as it appeared at first blush. As not to be in violation, everything down to the video of the earth Gore used as a backdrop had to, by Museum rules, authorized by an Act of Congress, had to be pre-approved including the July 6 full page ads run in local DC papers advising former Vice President Gore would appear at Mother Earth in DC. Rules for Promotional/Advertising Material state, “All literature, gifts or momentos of the event that the organization may wish to distribute must be approved in advance by the Museum” along with “Any videotape or film that the organization may wish to show during the event must be submitted to the Museum in advance for approval…. Any printed/visual/broadcast materials ie brochures, advertisements, TV commercials, PSA’s, press kits, letterheads, press releases, etc produced by the donor, by a organization acting on the donor’s behalf or by a co-hosting organization which refer to the Smithsonian Institution or the Natural Museum of the American Indian or its programs must be submitted to the NAMI Special Events coordinator for approval by the NMAI Public Affairs Officer prior to use.

Rules of the Smithsonian and NMAI requires names and affiliations of guests and profiles to be submitted at least five working days prior to the event. Notification of dignitaries, including Members of Congress or Cabinet level officials expected at the event, are required as soon as possible by the Office of Special Events. Al Gore is a former Vice President. Four days before Live Earth, Herring Media Group released a press advisory absent any mention of Al. Gore. Garth. Or Brooks.

The day before the concert, Friday, July 6, The Express, a DC giveaway paper ran an ad for the concert stating, “Former US Vice President Al Gore who is chair of the Alliance for Climate Protection and partner of Live Earth, is among the speakers who will deliver remarks about climate change during the welcoming ceremony at 10:30am.” “Performances by country music artists Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood and…” adding “Remarks by guest speakers Former President Al Gore, chair of the Alliance for Climate Protection and partner of Live Earth…” An NMAI press person said they could not promote the former Vice President’s appearance at their 7.7.07 event. They said they were told, it was, shhh, “hush, hush.”

Herring Media Group of Connecticut, a strategic branding agency with “a history of producing local to global media solutions” produced the “broadcast portion of Mother Earth.” HMG Chairman and CEO Marc Herrin described work with the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian as an honor as well as collaborating with Live Earth to present this important program and to celebrate a new era of ecology awareness.”    

In the month prior to the Museum’s planned Mother Earth day event, NMAI press releases promoted a day, lasting from early morning to the 9:30pm finale, filled with Native American rock, funk, punk, reggae, gospel and guest speakers. Scheduled musical entertainment was to be provided by Native Roots a reggae band, The Plateros rock tinged gospel and Andean music by Yarina. No mention of Al Gore, Garth Brooks or wife Trisha Yearwood. There was a disclaimer. It read, “this schedule is subject to change.” It did. The day before.

The LIVE EARTH logo remains prominent on the NMAI DC event web, going back to the caution of the Internet and perpetuity. Still viewable is the qualification “LIVE EARTH CONCERTS FOR A CLIMATE IN CRISIS” and “LIVE EARTH and SOS trademarks and logos are trademarks of Live Earth, LLC © 2007. All rights reserved, and the logo for Herring Media Group Inc, A Herring Media Group Production.” Al Gore’s name is not listed nor is there a link to his talk or the performance by Garth Brooks in the list of clicks for the day’s events. The window box stating “Featuring special appearance by former US Vice President Al Gore has since been removed.

7.7.07 may have turned into an unlucky roll of the dice for American Indians and their Museum. The National Museum of the American Indian Act, US Code House 20 USC, Sec 80q Title 20- Education, Chapter 3, Subchapter XIII, National Museum of the American Indian requires the NMAI Board of Regents to report annually on the acquisition, disposition, and display of Native American artifacts and on other appropriate matters, one would guess includes Live Earth concerts on Mother Earth day.

After the last Smithsonian’s director debacle, acting director Cristian Samper had testified before Congress “The Smithsonian has so much to offer the public in terms of education, outreach, research, exploration, exhibitions, and much more. We’ve built up great momentum and it must continue.” Testimony aside, the Smithsonian is obligated to provide trust to the public of British Engineer Smithson, long after his death and entombment in the Smithsonian’s Castle, the Institution’s administrative offices down Independence Avenue from the NMAI where the Mother Earth event was staged.

The true cost of Gore’s DC Live Earth concert at the National Museum of American Indians, may be tragic. If called on the Congressional carpet, the National Museum of the American Board will be required to answer to authorities wanting understand how their Act of Congress was disregarded. And as often happens with hearings on the Hill, anciliary regulators may step in, if the testimony they hear, they deem, needs further explanation ie. how trading something one cannot touch, does not own or exist, but gives away can be considered a donation.

As the sun set on Live Earth day, it was easier to look closer at LIVE EARTH and Al Gore’s day greening the Native American community, center stage. The umbrella organization for the event was Kevin Wall’s “Save Our Selves.” Partners included Earthlab, MSN, Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection and Control Room, the company that produced the event. Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection’s website says the Harvard graduate is Chairman of “a firm that  focused on a new approach to Sustainable Investing.” Gore is part of Generation Investment Management, Chairman of Current TV, a member of Apple Computer’s Board of Directors and a senior advisor to Google.”

Gore linked from Live Earth’s site to partners in Carbon Offset cashing including Native Energy and the Intertribal Coup, Native American owned businesses. Native Energy is a for profit venture majority owned by the Intertribal COUP. The Intertribal Council on Utility Policy declares in a statement, Europe and the World have once again discovered American Indians, this time for their clean energy work and renewable energies. Native Energy posts “When you buy an amount of wind generated REC’s equal to your electricity consumption, you are legally entitled to claim that you are wind powered and that your electricity does not contribute to global warming.”  A COUP/Native Energy web posting facilitates understanding Gore’s stating his concert tickets were charitable donations. “When you offset with Native Energy, you are purchasing property (RECs and other CO2 offsets are property) and you are donating that property to Clean Air-Cool Planet for it to further its charitable purpose of reducing global warming by retiring the credits or offsets. Think of it like you are buying soup from a grocer (Native Energy) and donating it to the local food drive (CA-CP) for it to give to hungry people. The general rule under the IRS code is that when you donate property to a qualified charitable organization (CA-CP is a qualified 501© (3) you are entitles to deduct the fair market value of that property from your income.”

A closer look may be warranted at the arm’s length relationship to the non profits by Gore’s LLC. Did Smithsonian’s and NMAI Special Event offices receive the required $5000 deposit the partnering organizations representative must return to the NMAI along with their signed Letter of Agreement confirming the event date, the contribution of the donor or organization as well as an overview of the event components, number of guests, event scenario, etc. for Live Earth at the NMAI? Questions remain unanswered.


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