5 Jan

The road to peace in the Middle East is through the eyes of Obamas stepgrandmother. Sarah Obama had her eyes opened wide as to  Israeli wonders of medicine when she visited the an Israeli medical facility in Equatorial Guinea the President of Equatorial Guinea named the hospital SHALOM his wish for peace in the Middle East. Sarah was part of a delegation. She had her eyes and unexpectedly her politics checked at the 18 month old facility in Malabo, the Capitol. The hospital, employing more than 100 Israeli doctors, nurses and staff using Israeli equipment was built by Yardena Ovadia and Arie Horesh provides medical care to the 3rd world country’s people. It employs more than 100 doctors, nurses, and staff members – all of whom are Israeli. An Israeli flag flies at the front door. Sarah Obama visited the hospital with Equatorial Guinea’s health minister and guest of honor, leader of the free world’s step-grandmother. Sarah, a bit of a recluse prior to Obamas election which has made her into an international celebrity lives in the remote village of Kogelo in Kenya. Step grandmother Obama met the hospital benefactors Ovadia and Horesh, hospital manager Dr. Michael Averbuch and project architect Ehud Gefen. Sarah’s eyes were wide opened by staff determining in 2013 five years after her step grandsons election she suffers from an eyesight problem. Sarah said “Everyone in Africa is talking about your hospital and about the fact that we no longer have to fly to Europe for medical care.” 


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