4 Jan

Michael Jackson was arrested over child abuse allegations. What took so long? 

Jackson is charged with lewd or lascivious acts on a child under the age of 14. The singer of  “Thriller” and “Off The Wall,” flew on a private jet from Las Vegas to California’s Santa Barbara airport where he was taken into custody the day after authorities, alleging child molestation, announced a warrant for his arrest. 

Now, in some of the instances guilt is a slam dunk black and white conviction of law. In others, like Jackson, one cannot say “If it has a beak like a duck, it cannot be a platypus.” That reality is supported with a tweak  of the truth, one way or another. 

Jackson spokesman, Stuart Backerman said, “Michael would never harm a child in any way.” Backerman is a paid publicist for the star.

Jackson ran a similar gauntlet of child molestation charges over 10 years ago. The accuser’s mother and father accepted a rumored $20 million out of court settlement. Accusations of inappropriate behaviour between Jackson and children continued during the years he allegedly fathered with surrogate mothers, three children, all of whom he took in public veiled for their safety; one of whom he dangled over a balcony, five plus stories up. Debbie Rowe, mother of two of his children, ‘married’ Jackson. Rowe’s father said the children were bought, his daughter was little more than breeding stock, a cow producing baby beef, so to speak. Claiming mad love with Jackson, Rowe, signed an agreement turning the children into the pop star’s custody. She went back to her job at the skin doctor’s office Jackson found her in. Spare time, Rowe posed topless, supposedly like Beverly Hills mothers do.

Rowe remained silent on the topic of Jackson and child molestation. Mcaullay Caulkin did not. The former child star admitted he slept with Jackson. Backerman, Uri Geller, and other Jackson friends did not criticise the adult’s public admission of cuddling in his bedroom with children, not his own. One could surmise no one will know if Jackson spoons with his children, since the price he paid surrogates, appears to have bought their silence along with the children. 

In light of all of this fodder filling Celebrity magazines, a 12 year old child laced with cancer alleges he was plied with wine and sleeping pills by the star when he stayed at Neverland. Neverland is the $20 million Santa Ynez property the star bought long before it devalued to under $12 million. Filled with carousels, giraffes, monekys and more, it is truly a fantasy land. Celebrity tell-alls report Jackson paints the grass green and the oranges, orange, when they begin to change color. Fox News reports Jackson, recently reported borrowing $200 million dollars to cover his increasing debt, paying his accuser’s medical bills, providing additional assistance in other ways.

Allegedly Jackson knew months prior, the boy’s parents were concerned about his relationship with the child, only after their son told them his classmates teased him about his relationship with Jackson. One wonders what took the parents so long.

California authorities changed child molestation laws in the years since Jackson’s last accuser backed down. Authorities admitted, because of Jackson, laws were changed to provide authorities to pursue convictions without the child’s co-operation.

Guilty before proven innocence is the hefty price tag that comes with fame. But it does have perks- buying children and playing with them, even when the adult is middle-aged. When a person declares bankruptcy, debtors take items back. But when children are bought from surrogate mothers, where do they go?

Things changed. Jackson’s ex-wives stood by him during earlier accusation. Debbie Rowe occasionally speaks out against her ‘ex’. Former wife Lisa Marie Presley Jackson Cage, remains silent to his defense. It seems marriage vows hold water until “Child Molestation Charges Us Do Part.”

Critics ponder parents leaving an ill child spend nights with a celebrity stranger, accused time and again of child molestation. The glitteratta of stardom blinded their eyes. You see, all this time, police did not let go. They were waiting, like sharks hovering in water, for another go at Jackson. While the surgically distorted face of the little afro American boy who charmed the world singing to a rat named “Ben” has lost himself to the ’The Man In The Mirror,’ fair being fair, will authorities charge parents of this child endangerment because they knowingly put their child into a situation that was more than “Bad”, it was “Dangerous.”


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